DPP secretary general loses temper at PAC meeting

Greselder Jeffrey

Tempers flared at the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) conference on Wednesday as Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Greselder Jeffrey demanded evidence that she said a person from the northern region cannot become president of Malawi.

Her angry mood followed a question from one of the delegates at the 5+1 all inclusive stakeholders conference currently underway in Blantyre delegate.

Greselder Jeffrey
Greselder Jeffrey (C) lost her cool.

The delegate Humphrey Mvula sought clarification from Jeffrey on what she meant by saying Malawi cannot have a leader from the Northern part of the country.

In her reaction, the secretary general for the ruling DPP denied ever saying that a Malawian from the north cannot lead Malawi.

“Give me evidence!! Give me evidence!!! You think because I am a woman I can’t challenge that, I am a tough woman!!” said Jeffrey in an angry tone.

Jeffrey’s remarks last month attracted criticism from different stakeholders who argued that the sentiments are “insults” to the northern citizens.

Citizens from northern Malawi have in the past been calling for federal system of government arguing they are underestimated and their region is neglected by government.