Chanco student leader faults Mutharika’s hypocrisy

Sylvester Ayuba James

Chancellor College (Chanco) students union leader Sylvester Ayuba James has faulted President Peter Mutharika on the fight against corruption arguing the president is a ‘hypocrite’.

Speaking during the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) all inclusive stakeholders conference on Wednesday in Blantyre, Ayuba James said Mutharika is a hypocrite on claims of fighting corruption in Malawi.

Ayuba James cited the recent dubious transactions on maize purchase in Zambia to be an example of Mutharika’s hypocrisy arguing the president is protecting former minister of agriculture irrigation and water development George Chaponda.

Sylvester Ayuba James
Sylvester Ayuba James stresses a point at the conference.

“When President Mutharika got the news that Eric Aniva had slept with over 100 women he ordered for his immediate arrest and investigations on the matter were done while Aniva was in police custody and he was convicted but when the President gets news that Chaponda has been found with huge sums of money he cannot order for his arrest and the investigation to follow, that’s hypocrisy,” said Ayuba James.

He further faulted government officials on the challenges rocking the country alleging that people are dying in hospitals without getting treatment due to shortage of drugs while the ministry of health claims it is functioning in Malawi.

According to Ayuba, some health workers demand payment from patients for them to get treatment in public hospitals.

But minister of health Peter Kumpalume challenged the delegates to provide names of the health workers involved in the malpractice for him to fire them.