‘Malawi is playing tennis not football’’ said RVG as he left Bullets, Silver game before fulltime


In a dramatic twist of events, Malawi national football team new head coach Ronny Van Geneugden walked out of Airtel Top 8 Cup quarterfinal second leg clash between Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikers on Sunday at Mulanje Park after being disappointed with the style of play displayed by both teams during the goalless draw.

Ronny Van Geneugden

Geneugden not happy with Malawi’s football.

RVG is on a touring mission where he is watching super league and cup games and as usual, he travelled to Mulanje to watch last season’s second placed Bullets and third placed Silver but what he saw on the field of play angered the Belgium tactician who told his deputy Gerald Phiri to leave the stadium as he was not impressed with how the two teams were playing.

And when confronted by Malawi24, RVG told this publication that he was disappointed with the two team’s display of football.

“This is not football. It’s a tennis like football where the team in red (referring to Bullets)  is just playing long balls without any game plan while the team in sky blue (referring to Silver Strikers) is just frustrating their opponents by unnecessary delaying tactics so it’s better to leave than wasting my time here,” he told Malawi24.

And commenting on RVG’s reaction, one of the technical panel member who opted for anonymity said the behavior by the expatriate coach was very unfortunate.

“What picture is he trying to portray? He signed a contract with us and these are some of the players we have, why can’t he just respect that? Let’s wait for him to teach us his style of play otherwise what he did is very unfortunate,” he said.

When Malawi24 tried to get a comment from the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) officials, one member from the secretariat who also opted for anonymity said:” Truth hurts but RVG is right. If he is to be asked to pick four players from the teams for national team duty, who will he chose? Players failing to make four complete passes and no game plan at all so he has a lot of work to do otherwise the display of football from the teams was very bad,” he said.

Last week, Van Geneugden told the local press that he was not impressed with how teams are playing.

He said it was like watching tennis as teams were playing long balls like tennis players in all the matches he has watched so far.



  1. If a docter has found a diagonisis he orentiate the patient and give right treatment.We are to wait how is he going to change the system.

  2. Honestry he is right I have watched many games both international and local and if we can play a relegated team from England still we can loose ten goals to zero pali ndichionapo apa.

    Club coaches are not serious to coach these clubs no game plan and you cant see any beautiful game and say this one impressed. Mbuzi zokhazokha
    super league ngati ana aku primary that’s why we keep on loosing
    how can a upper league player fail to control a ball and play like they are mad

    Coach look at their diet and mental plus fitness seems they don’t each

  3. pempho lina Ku MBC chonde mukamaonetsa mpira mumatipweteketsa maso. camera mumangoyendetsa yendetsa moyipa. imati ikati khweee kenanka khwee kenaso khweeeee, anthu maso kudwala.. chonde lembani ma cameramen odziwa ntchito yawo. not zimene akuchita panozi.

  4. You accepted to be in charge of ateam which is ranked 100 something by FiFa and you expect SAMBA soccer here? Kkkkk relax take your time and avoid talking too much. By the way hop you are enjoying the ride, DSTV explorer, and offcoz the free wifi. Things which the Kinnas did not enjoy but stll delivered something

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  6. Kodi ameneyu wabwera kudzakocha kapena kudzatifwala? Ifetu mpila sititha kumene and timafuna kuti iyeyu adzatiphunzitse. Tsono akakhala ku opposition side nde ntchito aikwanitsa?

  7. aphike nyemba zake Zambia bullets ndi silver zinali Zambia Ramadan ndi Fazili komanso ukakwatila mkazi osaziwa kuphika u teach her to reach ur favorite not just telling the public because if her relatives hear that will never intertain that u can be in hot soop

  8. Am surprised with some comments which that are saying that we he should just teach our players how to do exactly how he wants.We must remember that ghe national team only drills what we regard as “top notch players” from the across the football clubs.His duties is teach tactics on those we regard as quality players.The issue is that what are the players being taught on their clubs.We argued in other forums how some players like Sulumba finds their way into the national team.How on the earth can you expect a player who hardly scores a club level to score at a national stage?The guy is right.Those two clubs are supposed to display good soccer. ..

  9. Then if Malawians players are playing tennis football u better return to ur country or find a country which hv gt players who play football. Not all teams are playing tennis football but selected teams like bullets

  10. Thats why Kim was the best coach in Malawian football. Instead of saying such nonsense he encouraged the players and turn around things better. And I don’t think that this man has ever coached a senior team or maybe even himself he is not a football coach cause at first he should have known that football is played in so m any systems of play and that’s why we need expert coaches to improve our standard of play. So if he has such mentality then I don’t see him making any change to flames

  11. mpaka amasewera tennis watiwonjeza zungu ameneyu but anyway dats 2ru

    komaso mpira mangomenyetsa nkhalamba tayendani ma midzimu mupeze tiyana tofewa nunthu miyendo inawuma kalekale koma kakakakakaka eishhhh

  12. it might be true that the football in malawi is trash but for anatoin team coach to walk out before the game ends and make those irresponsoble coments is pathetic of him.
    so where is he going to select his team? is he going to select it frm england or southafrica?..He accepted the job knowing that there is no Bacelona and madrid in malawi..the guy cant help he must just resign before he destroys the little confidence we had in malawian soccer..
    he is useless he dont even knw hiw to coach thats why he is trying to discredit our soccer before he even start..
    this guy cant deliver let him go now
    He disrespected our soccer by walking out before the game ends he is very unproffessional

  13. Fuck this man .he complain too much .just teach them to play soccer .that is wy they hired. Let me hilight same players,,,. We got Gaba ,Ngambi,Phiri, Nzava and many more you want to play for flames

  14. MBC radio akunamidza anthu kowopsa omwe amangomvesela mpila pa wailesi sanayambe awonelapo amakokomedza ngati zenizeni pano ndithawi yoti asayikile ma team kumbuyo ayenera kulengeza kuti mpila watha mu malawi kuti aliyese aziwe.

  15. Koma guys,ndikanakhala kuti ndiine ndatokota chonchi bwenzi mutamva,kamthyoleni kholinga Vic’yo apo biiii alipire chindapusa.mbambadi kukhala mmalawi ndikulimba mtima

  16. This coach he full of himself plz let him leave my blved Malawi b4 i remove him from that seat
    How can he say we playing tennis? Bring back our Ernest mtawali n tell to change the suit when is in that chair not that hoot every game


    • That is the plain truth. The football standard in Malawi is very bad. We need to invest in football otherwise talented kids will move on other professions. I for one cannot encourage my son to play football in Malawi. imagine playing for a league the whole year only to get Mk15 million from TNM. We are talking of a whole football team with its technical staff numbering to say 30 people sharing MK15 million. Winning bonuses im told are less than Mk5000 per player.

      honestly is a question of garbage in garbage out. If we put peanuts we can expect to get gold.

  18. Sakunama mzunguyo . I also walked away from that boring much to watch the premiership. We need miracles if our game is to catch up with others. No wonder we are the whipping boys

  19. Nanga ngati imamenyayo ndi national team,iyeyo kunational team kwakeko adziwauza kamenyedwe akufunako kukalabu amauzidwanso kamenyedwe mmene coach wao akufunira.Ngati akuona kuti sakwanitsa atsazikiretu tisanamuonongere zochuluka.

  20. Its Too Early For The Nation Coach To Judge Malawian Football.Why He Doesn’t Finish Watching The Second Half?He Has Shown Failness.

  21. Its Too Early For The Nation Coach To Judge Malawian Football.Why He Doesn’t Finish Watching The Second Half?He Has Shown Failness.

  22. Malawians dont like to be told the truth, our big teams, National team depends more on Juju than talent, thats why we always get embarrassed at international level. A good Doctor identifies and analyse the Problem RVG is exactly doing that and why should sensible people attack him? Our Malawian Coaches must learn from him possibly invite him to their training sessions to be assisted.

  23. Iye akuyerekeza ndi za kwawo? Dziko la kwawo lolemera full of resources they have acadermies for football do we have them in malawi? So can he compare with us. We have hired him to transform us not full of complaints stupid coach just waisting time by just complaining

  24. Ine Ndimakonda Bullets Kwambiri, Koma Kunena Zoona Mpira Uja Unali Wobowa! Palibe Player Amene Tinganene Kt Anachita Impress, Mbali Zonse. Phala Leni Leni.

  25. He is just complaining instead of solving where there is problem is he going to assist us? This one is agoat indeed he is useless for sure

  26. This current genaration forsure won’t take us anywhere.years back,we used see even primary xool students present clubs even nation team, but they were delivering.Now adays, its simply RUBISH!

  27. I think this coach is too boastful, why is he complaining of bad play to our clubs?? then why is he came here for?? that is why we employ him to help building a bettr squad bt with what he has started showing can’nt giv us hope otherwise he will just be squanderiing our resources for nothing bettr we just chase him away back we hv already given him a car bt he is showing us signs of unfaithful

  28. I like his statement coz if you watch the so called big teams playing in Malawi it’s disgusting.You might think that they are not coached by normal people,and not talking about the standard of officiating which has it’s poorest maybe on the continent.

  29. IF a child if not performing in class we don’t demoralized him/her,we find ways how to uplift the child, now its up to him to make a difference in Malawi soccer standards,kim did it despite not wining anything, but he produced spectacle players. Ihate people who puts others in such comments,build confidence Mr coach don’t degrade.Ted Powell,Kim are among of the coaches at least did some wonders to the team.

  30. This Guy z jst right, let us change our mindset the way we do play our game. Bola kunthazi z of the old style especially bullets fc, mafco fc, kb fc etc these teams must go 2 hell. Don’t waste ur time watshing these teams play there dull football in ur eyes.

  31. The coach is correct. Inconsistent football, poor decision making on and even off the field of play, poor vision and outdated pathetic tactics. My hope is that he explores all avenues to revamp the football in this nation by bringing in new blood. I have played countless football matches across Malawi and i can tell you the talent is there.

  32. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, It’s time to start searching talented players in rural areas, the problem of choosing a player because he related to minister or coach should end, there are talented, the ministry should start finding new players

  33. Iyeyo ndi ofoila angolimbikira zimenezo mmesa wachitidwa hire kuti akonze mavuto ngati amenewo iye akufuna team yokonzakonza? He is foolish akonze zimenezo ku National

  34. Mpila wa pa Malawi suli bwino mumuuze coach ameneyu atenge achinyamata achichepele ngati mmene ilili Mozambique panopa ili ndi ana okhaokha mpila osewelera dzina unatha yang ‘anani luso pano Mozambique ikuswa chuikopa

  35. As much as I agree with the coach I feel like our answers are not in the hands of an expatriate coach. We have very good local coaches who are very well connected and can scout better players from the local smaller leagues. All we must do is to give them time to create the perfect team over time! Azungu awa angobwera kudzatha tax yathu and kufuna kupanga ka experience ayike pa CV yawo then azipita kukapanga coach big countries

  36. I’m behind this RVG, because our local ex-National football coaches the likes of Enerst Ntawali,Gerald Phiri, They didn’t come with vision, they were just applausing the Mediocree just to save their Post and also the kinda of our football is in their DNA we never knew that we are playing morabaraba/Tennis. Thank you the coach, Sooner or Later guess this coach will blash out all the dirties. That’s why They said , If you read the Book that everyone reads, You only Thinks what everyone Thinks. #Ndikunama_ngat??

  37. Mwamuona Mzungu, apa ndiye bola kumaluza ndi kinnah sangamaname kuti I’m building the team bwezi pano building itatha italowedwanso kkkkk

  38. Nanga Mkumati ndimpira umeneujaaaa??????
    mkumati Angotisiya ku national team mkumadandaulaaaa anthu mungogwaaaaa mukangogundidwaaaaa.

  39. May be the statement is blown out of proportions. Normally the coach is never disappointed with the style of play what he does is to start coaching from ‘style of play’. To me this is a little bit of sensational writing to influence the football admn and the public on what to do with him.

  40. He is right, that’s why we kip on crying every year. Let him teach not only players but coaches too, it’s so uUnfortunate to see finished product failing to control & even to make a pass, then to be called to the national team just because he played national team managed by someone here in Malawi, let him pick these local players playing in division & premier league teams & teach them. Our current national team is playing phada , hw can they play three games without scoring even a single goals? Is that football? Mmm too bad. I like the national team coach comment, other are there in the national team just because is related to the top officials, let’s play football Malawians, let the coach select his own players & let’s see how he will teach them the standard of play,

  41. pamalawi pano zampira sizizatheka, vuto ndiumphawi, maiko a azathu mpira ndintchito amalipidwa mwezi ndi mwezi nde kumalawi kuno amapita ku camp ndawi yamagame yokha

  42. RVG is not acoach that malawians need.he is ghost,why he said teams in malawi are playing tennis not football?he needs pathrate not books while malawi has books.RVG pack and go! we don’t want chipukwani like u.

  43. Exactly!! When I was watching Moyale Vs Bullets some Sundays ago at Mzuzu Stadium!!! I said the same thing and I walked out.

    It was just as though they are playing netball. Teams and coaches are busy complaining of bumpy grounds yet small teams in the streets and communities are playing smart football in the same grounds. And even when they are playing at Bingu stadium or at Kamuzu, the style is the same.

    It’s high time we change our style of playing. Not tennis!!! Indeed the truth hurts!! But on this one the coach is right!! Let’s see what he can make out of it!!!.

  44. Criticism is faruch better maybe they have to rethink of reshuffling or rotating them into different positions….
    Striker kumbuyo zingathandize

  45. Football Need Plan End Understanding Styem,tactic End Base So The Problem With Our Football Is That In Grasshold Will Dont Lean This Things So Us Result Wil Found It Had In Tecnicol Soccer Ihope Mwina Tiyambile Kupanga Iprove Pothetsa Mpira Wachikulunga Womwe Wutikakamila Paka Mu Timu Yathu Ya Malawi So Coach Is Right Sitiku Sewela Mpila Koma Tiku Sewela Palapaza.

  46. Truth really hurts, its disappointing to c the way our players play football, RVG said its tennis koma ine ndikuona kuti ndi golf. ndiye poti amalawi timangofuna kumva zabwino zokhazokha ngakhale tikulakwitsa mapeto ake tiyamba kudana ndi coach, kufunafuna tizifukwa basi, tindale tautsilu kuti achoke. zachabe. let’s improve our standard of playing FB.
    There was a time when MW was doing fine, time young chimodzi, ma players olimbikira osati coz of money ayi koma kuutha. ma coach amatha kuyangana players Ku ma district posatemgera sch yake komaso osayanganira team imene akusewera, chimafunika ndi luso basi. zimenezi zimathandiza
    maplayer ama team akuluakulu kulimbikira. if I were close to RVG I would advise him to wat h local players in remote areas blv me he’ll come with very good players than the ones we c playing like cockroaches in big teams. naneso zimandibhowa heavy

  47. to be honesty even BB supporter walk out of the pitch before final whistle…the was so poor i dont know why ..nde tikumazanamizila ma ground but i can challenge you go in villages you can watch good football passing and suppprting than watching super league teams playing they are not playing football indeed its tennis as i saw yesterday.

  48. to be honesty even BB supporter walk out of the pitch before final whistle…the was so poor i dont know why ..nde tikumazanamizila ma ground but i can challenge you go in villages you can watch good football passing and suppprting than watching super league teams playing they are not playing football indeed its tennis as i saw yesterday.

  49. So he has to turn tennis players into footballers. Asiye kuponya kampira kakang’ono ndi chipande chija ayambe waukulu ndi mwendo zitheka! Shaaa! what a performance appraisal of our football ¤0 out of 10. Now, Rvg do you think these tennis players can adapt or its too late angotithera misonkho yathu. Waiting for you final report.

  50. Thank you Mr RVG for seeing poor performance in our team that is why our Government employed you so you can teach​ those tennis players how to play football.Thanks

  51. Its like employing a masters degree teacher to teach std 1 learners. What u will expect are excuses like….this classroom is good for learning,…this book was not well edited. The teacher’s knowledge is not suitable for the learners. We told fam to employ local coach suitable for our juju-infested players but they lgnored. Look now!

  52. Its like employing a masters degree teacher to teach std 1 learners. What u will expect are excuses like….this classroom is good for learning,…this book was not well edited. The teacher’s knowledge is not suitable for the learners. We told fam to employ local coach suitable for our juju-infested players but they lgnored. Look now!

  53. we had kim slipsbor anachuna flames and cosafa 2 times tinafika mafinals, come kina phiri, mpaka ku afcon angola ma team ake omwewo akusewera tennis wo anathandiza koma uyu mukuti ndani kaya akulephera yet ndiyemweyo anayamikira mpira game ya bb ni kb charity shield!

  54. we had kim slipsbor anachuna flames and cosafa 2 times tinafika mafinals, come kina phiri, mpaka ku afcon angola ma team ake omwewo akusewera tennis wo anathandiza koma uyu mukuti ndani kaya akulephera yet ndiyemweyo anayamikira mpira game ya bb ni kb charity shield!

  55. akunena zoona ine ndi sapota wa bullets ndimaonera pa tv koma palibe timu imene yamenya mpira wokhazikika onse amangomenya ngati onsewera amatimu amudzi bulletsi yandibowa kwambiri dzulo ndipo ndimaiyerekeza ndi timu yamudzi mwathu hard nokazi kuti ikhoza kuitibula silver pomwe bulleta ikulephera kutinya

  56. akunena zoona ine ndi sapota wa bullets ndimaonera pa tv koma palibe timu imene yamenya mpira wokhazikika onse amangomenya ngati onsewera amatimu amudzi bulletsi yandibowa kwambiri dzulo ndipo ndimaiyerekeza ndi timu yamudzi mwathu hard nokazi kuti ikhoza kuitibula silver pomwe bulleta ikulephera kutinya

  57. A coach mwatennis momwemo tapezan ena kuti mwatenis momwemo azizewera wamiendo ndipo mwatennis momwemo aziwina zikatero mukhala otherwise fam iganiza zina kudzera kwa eni dziko chita chomwe unabwelera.I ne mzika yokhudzidwa

  58. A coach mwatennis momwemo tapezan ena kuti mwatenis momwemo azizewera wamiendo ndipo mwatennis momwemo aziwina zikatero mukhala otherwise fam iganiza zina kudzera kwa eni dziko chita chomwe unabwelera.I ne mzika yokhudzidwa

  59. I am silver striker’s supporter, am bucking this coach. silver is knon with umodzi umodzi but I have never witnessed it in recent days. I admire European soccer with good passes and very fast.

  60. Why mzungu disappointed? Indeed our football is not ticking that’s why we called him to teach Malawi tactics and good football styles. If we were better we could not have called him. Wodwala ndi amene amafuna Doctor. He has duty to make Malawi football better. If he thinks he can’t, he should let us know so that we seek another coach from elsewhere.

  61. True bwana maka timu ya red ija ndiye tennis yeni yeni komanso ma ref akwa2 kuno anayizoroweza kuipàtsa ma pelnaty ndiye czon ino kulibeko mbola

  62. true that. i used to hate this mzungu on his coming but now i salute him for his briliant observation, now this gives him tough task to do and 2 years won’t be enough to bring the kind of football he and malawi wants. too bad for my beloved country

  63. Munthu akanena chilungamo panja kumalawi zimatipweteka.OK mene akumenyera sulumba 3 games or chingoli mungamuitane Ku national team.mwana Wa moyale kuda muyawa game iliyose goals koma satengedwa


  65. Sakunama ai, mwina enanu game yi simunaiwonele. So boring indeed inenso ndimaonera patv koma ndinangochokapo b4 halftime. Manyaka enieni koma matimuwo ati ndi akuluakulu

  66. We have always blamed the coach for flames’ failure. The blame should go to all coaches. Rvg should school the other coaches what to concentrate on. Fam should give him more time for camping not two weeks.

  67. Ntchito yomwe tinamutengera iyeyo kut azakonze mavuto ngat amenewa inakakhala kt ilibe mavuto sitinakamutenga coz ma coach akuno tinawaetsa ndipo anakanika nde iyeyo chosangalasa nchakut walidziwa vutolo mofulumira nde ayenera kulikonzanso nthawi yabwino

  68. We can’t take his fucking nonsense that he should just come and eat our kholowa and frogs for nuisance. We can’t take it ,let him change our disgusting football. Monga ife tili kunja kuno timachita manyazi kuona FLAMES ikukudzulidwa with nations which existed by chance on earth.

  69. Let this so-called fucking foreign expatriate coach face the truth if truly going to change our nonsense football. I would rather love if he can have a better squad which needn’t be changed up to a well skilled national team because what we do is nothing than just cultivating VYAMBA mmidzimu.

  70. The Flames lack international exposition. If government fails to provide enough funding for international friendlies, how can the players be rated to required standard of football? That’s why every coach is seen like a failure.

  71. I am a football lover for the past 35 years and love Bullets and they loose or win I don’t take it heart as one has to win and one to loose but today I was in mulanje and never ever seen a stupid dull game and the coach is right and I think the teams were playing bawo not even tennis how can national team improve if local soccer is this way

  72. mawu amphavu awa ndipo okondwelesa!!! munthu onena chilungamo ngati uyu sindinamuonepo!! Kuonela mpila wakumalawi ndichimozimozi kuonela THALAKITA YOKONZA NSEWU

  73. I am doubting very much if this mzungu will make any improvement on our national team.He is speaking like a consultant if our national team or our players were better then there was no. reason .of recruiting him.

  74. I already said it and I even stopped minding my Malawian football. Our standard is very poor that we can’t stand at international level. Am told there are some more talented players in the rural areas but they don’t have opportunity to be spotted.

    • zoonadi ndinawonela mpilawu wa bullets ndi silver pa mbc tv,koma nditangowonela 10minutes iswitched of my TV it was so boring according to standard of playing a mbc radio akuyenelaso aziwudza anthu chilungamo osati kumangokokomedza

  75. He must organize refresher courses for clubs coaches for his job to be easier otherwise he can’t do everything alone it will take him decades to Bear fruits

  76. He is saying the truth. Let’s allow him to source players from secondary schools, colleges, & Chipiku league. If he can do that, I hope we can have a good team in our country.

  77. Asayambe zopusatu!!! Iyeyo amasayina contract alibe mnzeru zobweletsa luso lapadela.? Angochoka palibe chimene angachite wachepa.

  78. if u take only one sentence and u put it as if its only what he said,it may sound wrong,even in the bible it is said “imwani,ledzelani” nd ppl only stop there but it contiues,tell us all what he said not just one statement so that we say bad about him

    • Brother even if we take one sentence from what he said is not the truth??? have u watched a game as of late, uwill be dissapointed to see that these are the players they play for the national team n u can ask urself how can we win with this unimproved standard of football mbola man

    • @ Lorenzo Hamitonie,that’s true nd that’s what am also saying,he could’ve said those but not in manner of which this post is putting it,E.G if he said players in MW play soccer like tennis nd I want to chage the system to european system,you can see that he said something constructive but if someone cuts short his statement it looks like he is a bad person,that’s Y I said they should tell us all what he said and not just a short piece nd ppl start saying bad of him,I think we are together bro on where am heading to

    • kkkkkk am not sure of the verse but its there bro,it says like ‘imwani ledzelani koma mudzalandila mphoto ya tchimo lanulo’ but ppl just say imwani ledzelani without finishing the whe statement,

    • #Mphatso,M’Baibulo mulidi mawu onena kuti “imwani, ledzerani ndi kugwa ndipo simudzadzukanso chifukwa cha lupanga lomwe Yehova adzagwetse pa inu”. Mawuwa akuyenera kupezeka m’buku la Yesaya ngati sindikulakwitsa. Koma alipo ndithu.

  79. Amalawi kuuzidwa chilungamo safuna, ndi chifukwa kuwauza kuti anthu abomawa akuba amatsutsanso amvekere aaaa ukunama iwe.ndiye dziko lingatukuke bwanji?

  80. So he was expecting to see classic football from BB, Bankerz failed to play their tik tak game coz of this team. What i see was go to go game from Kakhobwe to Brighton Munthali, from Lanjesi to Manyenje so on and so forth until last whistle

  81. That’s very true…..once upon a time some few years ago a German flames coach said…there is no football talent in Malawi but some of us loathed him now there you go!!!!!!!!

  82. Kunena zoona gys coach wabwino samanyoza,ngati mukukumbukira bwino za Kim komaso honor awa anari macoach abwino koma sindi nawavepo akunyoza ngati akulu tili nawowa ai

  83. I do totally agree with you Mr coach those whom you’ve seen are junk players anazolowera kumwa matokoso, they don’t like someone pointing out their mistakes then they learn from there .

  84. Always chilungamo chimawawa..dats true palibe mpira pa nyasaland otherwise ayende mma location awapeza ma player ofewa osati manyaka kale kale awa… mafana odziwa mpira akuponderezedwa pa nyasaland pano.

  85. If football has died in malawi, it is because all we think ks bullets, noma n silver. Let the coach go i to smaller team like wizards, Mzuni, he will be suprised by the styre of play we have in malawi. One thing i have observed in football. Composure helps perfect styre not history. Could he also please visit games at chitowe, at mzuzu stadium etc to make a thorough assesment of current status of footbal in Malawi.

    As oc Silver and bullets game, that was indeed trash. I support him moving out.

  86. Yes! straight talk boss, Bullets,Normads,Silver only play good Malawian football not International football. Thanks Coach for telling them to change their tactics.

  87. Malawi as a nation, we’re very far behind about football. Its better I hope for the country and citzens too, just to banish the football match in the country. And found some other matches to replace it. Because the players are doing nothing better for the country. They just pretended themselves superio & be proud of being famous,for they’re playing for the nation.

    • Exactly, they do nothing for the country, amalephela ngakhale kukawonekela ku AFRICON championship, ndiye nanji kuti adzakamenyeko world cup ndiye zaka million tu. Vutonso kuchulutsa matama mu ground ma player. Motion chazeru tingolimba mtima kuti tilibe masewela a mpila wa miyendo mudziko muno.

  88. let’s try swimming, netball, rugby, boxing,tennisyo ndizina zomwe tingakwanisezo ku football tingowononga ndalama. nacho chi coachcho mwalo mokhala pansi mkuwona mokonza chunyoza chunyanyala chonsecho chuwononga chokudya chathu chizipita mpira watha kumalawi #badmind.com

  89. He is saying the truth.the standard of football in this country is poor.but he is there to bring in his expertise.if not he will leave like good old Ziesse when he was dragged from the flames training camp

  90. Mumafuna akunamizeni kapena..kapena pali yemwe akutsutsana naye? alipo akuti kuli chikopa chapamwamba kuno ?
    wanenazo ndi 100% True..

  91. Is he not a same guy who said Malawians players are talented players when he landed at Kamuzu airport? this long nosed and pink skinned mzungu’s should just pack and go we are used to loose even if we employ Leo Mpulula it will ok with us

  92. thats y we failed football pamalawi panali macoach osiyanasiyana but non of them analankhupo like that they were just said we are building the team up now. Sakunama coach yu we are winning or draw by chances nt by knowing how football it could be.

    • U can say that again man tikufuna munthu woti azitinamiza kkkkkkk monse muja guys building a team aaaah eeeeeh olo ya Rugby yo hmmmmmm!!this guy is going to help

  93. Mawu amenewo akanayakhulidwa ndi m’malawi nzathu bwez aliyese akumunena, koma poti ndi nzungu mukuyamikira!
    Timthamangitsatu ife akamayika ma comment auchitsiruwo! asaa osamangogwira ntchito yake bwa?

  94. This guy is full if lame excuses,by signing a contract with a team that is on 114 on fifa rankings he should have known that our play is more like socials,if he think watching that type of soccer is wasting time, then he should as well pack and go,because he will soon realise that he is wasting his time in nyasaland for nothing, Abad carpenter blames his tools so is this mzungu!why cant he be happy that he is a coach of a national team in his life for the first time!uyu satithandiza!!!

  95. Koma uyu angobwebwetera game iliyonse angaonere. Hahahaha uyu atipangitsa uzoba hahahaha. Mateam wa akusewera pool osatinso zampira. Vimateam vikulirenj koma osatha kupasirana even 5 passes. Koma basi uja waviphuphuphu kkk

  96. Iye amafuna azapeze zophaipha??? He is a coach and his job is to teach players how to play good football so why is he talking fuckern shit things????? He need to teach them , nchifukwa chiyani sanapange complain za zinthu zomwe akupatsidwa kuti sizikugwira bwino ntchito ???? Ngati asafuna asiye Phiri junior ndi nzake apitiliza shupiit

    • Komabe tiyeni tivomereze kuti standard ya mpira silibhoo Ku Malawi kuno. Vuto ndi loti ma players athu amangotengedwa akusewera Mpira wa makwalala, I dont think skill yaMpira timaphunzitsana munthu atakhwima kale miyendo! Kk

    • Kkkkkkkkkk coach sangaphunzitse munthu ma skills koma standard ya mpira either long ball or down ball and wat so ever according to the system he want

      Iyeyo amayenera kutenga omwe akuwaona kuti uyu bolaniko akhonza kundithandiza ndi mmene ndikufunira coz he is not going to take a club to make as national team noooooo ndi selection of players yomwe ingamuthandize kukhala ndi squad yabwino komanso yomuthandiza even akhonza kupita kwa Nkhwangwa ukoooooo kukatenganso ana odziwa kuzukuta chikopa

  97. Tamuuzeni amange kathumba kake adzipita, aone msana wanjila ameneyo. Malipilo omwe akulandila ndimisonkho ya omwe akuwanyozawo,ndiye asamalandile cholowa mpaka atachoka.

  98. Let Us Call A Spade A Spade.Truth Pains.The Coach Is Here To Choose The Cream From Our Teams Not To Coach Our Teams.
    Ndado Tennis Phada Fishfish Kkkkkk! We R Very Bad At Playing Football.

  99. Aaaaaaa don’t start stupid excuses remind him that his duty is for national team not clubs!!!.He can just pick those player’s who are promising. It’s his job to make them football material,our league is poorest in the Sadc region he must understand that.

    • Did u just say his duty is for national team not clubs?so tell me wich plyers he will select for National team if not the same players frm clubs?Why can’t accepet the truth and stop supporting mediocrity?

    • #Riaz I said already that he can pick only players who are showing talent and no one is forcing him to choose players from Bullets and Silver we have 15 clubs where he can get plays of his choice.I can’t support him bcoz he’s white never this is unnecessary excuses.FAM hired him to make a change for our nation coz FAM new about this local coaches they are failures.It’s his duty to polish those players leave clubs a lone.

  100. He should stop finding excuses for his failure to deliver. He knew very well the job he was applying for so just do the damn mofo job or GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!!!!

  101. Sakunama,,,,,Ku Malawi kuno kulibe Mpira,,,,anangotisokozera academy ndi amponda bwenzi kutatuluka tiana tozapanga flames yabwino