Student composes poem on Chanco closure


Concerned with the continued closure of Chancellor College, a student at the college has composed a poem advocating for the opening of the college.

The poem is titled ‘Tsegulileni Chanco’.

The student, Felix Masina, said he thought of composing the poem as he believes art is one way of communicating to people and a way to express oneself on certain issues.

Masina said he has expressed the voice of many more students from the Chancellor College who could not find a chance to express their views.

Felix Masina
Felix Masina says the students have been left no hope.

“I believe art is one way to communicate to people and express oneself on certain issues. So I thought it wise that I could use my ability to voice out my feelings and concern towards this issue and I believe am speaking for many more Chanco students  out there who have a lot to say  but have no means,” said Masina.

He added that the closure has really affected him and other students as his plans have been disturbed.

“It may sound small but it has a huge impact,” he said.

The college failed to reopen in March after lecturers began a strike. The lecturers want University of Malawi (Unima) to harmonise salaries for employees under the university.

The strike began after some students had already arrived at the college to start a new academic year.

Masina said such students also paid rent hence lots of money went into the drain due to the closure.

“There are some people who go early to school to secure places or do other things so with the closure it means they just wasted money and everything they bought to sustain them was just a waste,” he said.



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