Saint runs town with Delilah

Blantyre based singer Saint is on an exciting page of his music story this year as his latest single Delilah keeps getting votes of appreciation.

The MC manifests what has been described by the public as high level of maturity in lyrics. This has made people to fall in love with the song soon after it was let out.

Saint stars in Delilah.

Both its audio and video are within people’s desired standards thus salutes based on the song’s analysis from all angles. Even giants in the domestic entertainment industry have spoken highly of the product.

Lilongwe based singer Mad Alley, last week expressed delight with Delilah’s video which was shot by award winning videographer Sukez. The visuals have radio personality Ian Desmond Simbota and musicians, Stich Fray and Nesnes among cameos.

On Thursday, gospel hip hop MC Suffix also spat a word of honour to Saint for good work in Delilah. The Mkazi wa Kumwamba magician posted on his Facebook page in telling people to deliver his kind words to Saint.

“In Malawi we have Afro pop/Dancehall artists….and then we have Saint…this ‘Delilah* joint is on point man. Wherever he is. Tell him I am a fan,” reads the post

In the song, a man expresses uncertainty over treatment of his relatives by his wife, upon tying a knot. He asks the wife if she will not betray his loyalty just like the Biblical famous story of Samson and Delilah in which the latter played villain.




  1. Ndi akatundu man saint omanga ndi macheni ku music industrie..ndipo ndimamva chisoni ndi ka jjc kakulimbana ndi catapilla pomwe iye mka chisa..kamaimbanso ma OFF KEY..ka jjc….

  2. he is talented artist isalute him his songs ar full of entertaining, educating and informing mot all wishes ur not just elder but ur also well matured

  3. Ndakhala ndikunena ine kuti Saint amaimba nyimbo za matanthauzo zoti akuluakulu amatha kumvera osati zinazi zomatinenetsa achinyamatafe

  4. Saint amatha kuyimba kwambiri!!! That is kwa amene amazisata za nyimbo bwino bwino. No need to mention jay jay cee here, he is much far from Saint. Comparing saint with jay jay cee is just the same as comparing Chris Brown with Joe Gwaradi

  5. Hey!! Hey!! Ka Hater Kaja Kalikt Ka J…………… Aaaah Kapusa Kt Pusi!! Tienazo Mana Saint Kupitilarabe Pa Sound Big Up! Man A Realest

  6. Delilah is a composition that made me to conclude that Saint has matured musically,we need more songs of this, caliber. Big up!

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