Ritaa to premiere Winner at Urban Music Legacy


Songstress Ritaa will invest a stake of her stage time at the forthcoming Carlsberg Urban Music Legacy with the first public performance of her latest single, Winner.

It has been revealed that the Lilongwe based singer will take to the stage at the festival, in recognition of her talent.

Ritaa will in return serve the patrons with the best dish as she is good at delivering when called into action.

Ritaa heads to CoM.

The Chapatali goddess will be making her maiden performance at the Carlsberg show now in its second year running. As the saying goes, first impression matters, only the very best should be expected from her.

The all-conquering single, Winner, was wonderfully scribbled, skilfully produced, and it calls for bone breaking dancing moves. Built around the theme of love, the clarity in its message defeats all ear defects to get through to the receiving end.

It appreciates a suitors’ courage in overcoming competition to win her, thus winner.

As the audio finds a home in the airwaves, a video is something Ritaa cannot deny Malawi. The visual moulding project is currently underway and will be ready in due course.

She will warm up for the Carlsberg show stage action with a performance at Exploits University in Lilongwe, a day earlier on 13th May. It will not all end with the Urban Music fiesta as Winner will lead to other destinations.

The 21-year-old got into the spotlight last year with her hit single Chapatali which features afro sounds kingpin Dan Lu. In 2015 she participated in the prestigious E-Wallet talent show.

Her music is a fusion of RNB, Afro pop and dancehall.



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