“I am not a liar, I was really abducted,” Kamlepo


The outspoken Rumphi East parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua has faulted Malawi police for concluding that he faked his abduction.

Kalua who was reported to have been missing after Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) seized his two cars on allegations that he failed to pay duty for the vehicles, condemned the police for branding him as a liar.

The Police claimed that Kalua went into hiding to have sympathy from the public after he was found dumped at Kwacha roundabout in Blantyre with his legs and hands tied with blue ropes.

Kamlepo Kalua

Am not a liar: Kalua.

With the police giving their stand on the matter, Kalua was hit by memes as citizens shared on social media photos of themselves with their legs and hands tied as a way of mocking him.

Commenting on the matter, Kalua has blamed the Police for concluding that he faked his abduction arguing the development has led him to be tried, convicted and sentenced by the public.

The lawmaker who has since received medical treatment abroad is yet to give a report to Parliament on issues surrounding his abduction.

National police spokesperson James Kadadzera has however maintained that Kalua faked his abduction.

Meanwhile it is yet to be proved whether the abduction was faked as claimed by the police.

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