Government angers civil servants


The Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU) says it is not happy with government’s reluctance to meet the union which wants civil servants’ salaries hiked.

General Secretary for the union Madalitso Njolomole expressed the concern in an interview with Malawi24.

He said the civil servants want their salaries hiked and the union last month asked to set up a meeting with the Government Negotiating Team so that the two sides should discuss the issue.

Njolomole said government has on a number of occasions been playing delaying tactics when asked to meet the union on the implementation of the salary hike.

“We have been pleading with them (Government Negotiating Team) to have a meeting where we wanted to lodge in our complaints but no cooperation from the other side has been shown,” said Njolomole.

He added that with Parliament now in session, the union wants the matter settled before legislators passes the 2017/2018 National Budget.

“As Members of Parliament are sitting we expect nothing but meeting with relevant authorities so that we also benefit from the budget,” said Njolomole.

Meanwhile, CSTU is expected to meet and map the way forward on their next step to get government meet them on the matter.

But the union has since threatened unspecified action if government decides not cooperate.

In the 2016/17 budget, government increased salaries for civil servants of all grades but over the past months the government workers have been pushing for another increase.

However, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe in January told civil servants to seek employment in the private sector if they want more money.



  1. Manenatu paja pa campaign kuti ma civil servant amalandira change ndipo anthu azizathawa mu private sector kumapita m’boma chifukwa cha malipiro abwino.Tsono lero a Chilinma aja ati chani?

  2. mkutinso bola njoka pena imaganiza bwino kusiya ndi utsogoleri wa boma ili losanganizila antchito ake.zinthu zinakwela mtengo kalekale bt stll recving change.bola joyce banda….kkkk

  3. inu a cstu musandiyankhulitse pambali mwava zija mumachita pa labour day boma lingakhale serious? maka president wa cstu amkachita kuyankhula mokhuta amaona ngat ife ma servants,sitikuva? zinandinyasa boma silidunika kulionetsera dzino mwava .musanasewere ndi ma civil servants

  4. They are the same people who promised civil servants’ transition from getting little(ma chenji) to the enough salaries come in government..this was during campain and they are now in power they cant even meet the (cstu). Some civil servants are yet to get their april peasant salary which they toilled already for plus their 2016/2017 LGs. Civil servants must seriously do something before it comes to worse..This current budget sension must bear a relief to civil servants if not strikes should be resorted into!