4 billion needed to ease electricity problems


Energy Generation Company (Egenco) has plans to remove silt from the Shire River at Tedzani hydropower station, a project that needs K4 billion.

Tedzani power station

According to Egenco, heavy siltation is affecting the generation of electricity despite low water levels in Malawi.

Egenco’s Public Relations Officer Mervin Mchenga said the company plans to dredge Tedzani falls in June to ease challenges caused by siltation at the power station.

Mchenga added that the company needs K4 billion for completion of the project. He further expressed dismay over the siltation arguing that the place was not being taken care of by Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM).

Meanwhile the company is in the process of dredging at Nkula hydropower station to deal with siltation at the site.

Reforms in the energy sector saw ESCOM being unbundled into four companies, a development that witnessed the birth of Egenco in Malawi.

Egenco is mandated to generate electricity while ESCOM takes the task of supplying power to customers.


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  1. poyamba amati akufuna mvula kuti magetsi asamazime mvula yabwera mwakathithi mpaka ma floods magetsi sakuyaka,pano akuti akufuna 4 billion kuti magetsi ayake.Koma a dpp mwaba mokwanila tachitani manyazi.

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