Two arrested for killing thief


Police in Mangochi district have arrested two brothers for killing a 37-year-old man who had set on fire one of the suspect’s house, stole his goats and attempted to kill him.

The brothers Layne Julius, 74, and Naliwa Ulamba, 70, are being kept in custody at Namwera Police Post following the death of the man who is also Julius’ son.

Mangochi Police Spokesperson Rodrick Maida said the deceased went to Zambia and days after his arrival he warned his father (Julius) that one day he will set his house on fire which prompted his father to remove property from the house.

According to Maida, on March 14 during day time the deceased set on fire his father’s house as per his warning and went away with four goats.

“On his way the deceased met second suspect (Naliwa Ulamba) who wanted to recover the stolen goats but only to be stabbed in his right hand side with a knife,” Maida said.

“He screamed for help whereby his brother Layne Julius (first suspect) came to his rescue with a panga knife and was also stabbed on the back with a knife by the deceased,” Maida added.

Out of provocation, the first suspect revenged by severely stabbing the deceased with a panga knife in which he sustained multiple deep cuts and died on the spot.

Postmortem conducted at Namwera Health facility revealed that death was due to excessive loss of blood.

The two brothers hail from Village Matamanda Traditional Authority Bwananyambi in the district of Mangochi.

Meanwhile police in the district are urging the general public to avoid taking the law into their own hands to distance themselves from such cases.



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  1. The way the story is told the two brothers were acting in self defence. Someone burns my house, stabs my brother then stsbs myself I have a right to defend myself with the same force.

    Release the brothers it is the only right thing to do. My hope is the community will rally to ensure this as well as assist in rebuilding the elderly man’s house.

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