Train cuts off boy’s arm in Balaka


A pupil at Muthe Primary School in Balaka has been admitted to Balaka District Hospital after a Cargo Train belonging to CEAR run over his left arm and completely cut it off at Nkaya Train Station in the district.

The pupil was on his way to school which is just a few meters away from Nkaya Train Station together with his friends when the accident occurred.

Confirming the development to Malawi24, Balaka police deputy spokesperson Gerard Sumaili said that as per tendency, the kids jump onto moving trains whenever they are walking alongside the railway as a fast means of transport to their school.

According to Sumaili, on Wednesday the child and his friends boarded on one of the empty Wagons that a locomotive registration number C322 was pulling from Limbe heading to Nkaya.

“Unfortunately when the slowing train was reinstalling into its normal speed after passing Nkaya Turn Out Point, the child lost balance and fell off the open wagon laying his left arm on the railway line hence one of the wheels run over it and the arm got completely separated from his body,” Sumaili told Malawi24.

The victim was rushed to Balaka district hospital where he is receiving treatment.

So far this year, this is the first case of its nature to take place at Nkaya and Balaka.

But the tragedy comes just a few months after Balaka Police Station through its community policing branch, conducted intensive awareness, raising campaigns on the dangers and other consequences of trespassing into Railway Roads.

The campaign was carried out in all the areas where railway lines have passed through in the district following two incidences that occurred early last year whereby a life was lost and another victim lost his leg in a separate incident.


Meanwhile, the police have reminded parents and guardians to attend to their children and keep them away from railway lines.



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