Nsanje health worker arrested for selling blood


A Nsanje District Hospital employee has been arrested for receiving money from a guardian in order to source blood for a patient who required transfusion.

Nsanje police publicist Sergeant Agnes Zalakoma has identified the suspect as Chikondi Sadya, 23, a hospital attendant at Nsanje District Hospital who obtained cash amounting to K10,000 for the deal.

Zalakoma said a desperate woman whose husband required blood transfusion paid K10,000 to Sadya in order to access blood.

“The suspect received the cash from a guardian whose patient was supposed to go for an operation that required blood transfusion. The suspect first pocketed K5,000 before getting the remaining cash,” explained Zalakoma.

The health worker was nabbed after the guardian lodged a complaint to the authorities that her money had gone down the drain as her patient was yet to access the blood.

The suspect has since been charged with a case of obtaining money by false pretence which he is denying.

Meanwhile the Nsanje Magistrate court has denied the suspect bail on reasons that he would interfere with police investigations on the case.

Second Grade Magistrate, George Chimombo has set February 20, 2016 as the date the court will hear his case.
Chikondi Sadya hails from Mankhusu village in the area of Senior Chief Malemia in Nsanje district.




  1. Lets do whatever we want in Malawi because there is no more security.cashgate,maizegate and boodgate kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Ndiri ndi umboni, mwana wanga atha magazi anandiuza kuti ndiwaone mwapadera kuti andithandize. ku KCH. Ndipo anandithandiza nditaonetsa ma card omwe ndinaperekera magazi pa chilinde xool kawiri kOnse.

  3. Ask me, I even dont dream of donating blood for such reasons. We donate blood freely yet they sell to some people who need it. And again once our relatives lack blood they still say ” mubwere ndi m’bale wanu akupatseni magazi “. I will donate blood only if I will have access to see the reciever of my blood, wagwidwayu yangomukwanira nthawi koma anthu akugula ndithu magazi mzipatalamu.

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