Malawi Education: School dropout among girls worries AGIC


Active Girls Initiative Centre (AGIC) says it is saddened by the increased number of girls dropping out of school despite efforts by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to see them continue with education.

Speaking with the local media, AGIC Executive Director Steve Chirombo said many girls dropping out of school are lacking interest and they do not have a vision when it comes to education.

He said girls in the country need to be focused on their education because NGOs, including AGIC, have a limit in the extent to which they can get involved in the girls’ education.

He also said that AGIC has done activities like holding talks with girls in different schools to help them realize their goals and be determined to accomplish them.

Girls Malawi
Gilrs dropping out from school in alarming numbers. (Library)

“NGOs and other stakeholders have a limit. If they are not determined we cannot do anything. We cannot push them to stay in school.

“We want girls to be active participants in their education and we also want them to stand on their goals and be focused,” said Chirombo.

He said as AGIC, they are working with girls in schools like Phende and Mfera Primary Schools in Chikhwawa to make them go further with education.

Furthermore, Chirombo said parents need to be open to discuss such issues concerning girls so that they know the right way to behave and set positive goals for themselves.

He said if parents are open with their children, they will be able to get information on the challenges the girls are facing and assist them accordingly before matters get worse.

Chirombo also pointed out that it is high time teachers made themselves approachable.

“When at school, girls consider their teachers as parents and so the teachers need to be open with them so that instead of fearing them like they do, they should be free to ask them things that can help them including those things they do not understand during class lessons,” added Chirombo.

Twelve girls from three secondary schools of Chapananga, Phwazi and Kakoma in Chikhwawa dropped out of school in the last term due to early pregnancies and early marriages.



  1. Take out nkhalamba zonse mma office, zatopa n now zayamba kuba, they know kuti life span yawo yaning’a, mwana amaliza xul kumene kupita pa office kufunsira ntchito you say mufuna 5 years experience, shit!!!! Do u think ana alimbikitsidwa pa nkhani ya xul??? Ntchito yosavuta kulowa yautichala = over 3 month no makobili shit!!!

  2. Government policies 1994-2004-, Human Rights Orgs. & other NGOs made far more Fathers & Mothers in Schools that also resulted into a population which can not & never will be managed.

  3. U will never fix this unless you find out the problem or factors affecting this problem. Since u are lazy to notice. 1) no teachers at schools. 2) no shelter/ classrooms for kids its raining or its hot from sun,3) teachers not paid for 6 months and expect them to give attention to students, 4) only need teachers and notice them on elections. Don’t blame parents or students but government. Its is in our constitution that it is government responsibility to provide education to every. Its not privilege but a( RIGHT) with no compromise. Parents students and teachers are trying but the government is busy campaigning for 2019 elections. Ena ndiawa akuba chimanga ndikuotcha office kusowetsa umboni. Then u blame kids. Ses be ashamed of your actions

  4. Anthu oti simulowa nkalasi mungamulimbikise bwanji mwana? in other ways your effort isnt enough,,go talk and convince the government to improve the “welfare of a teacher” you will see things working out,,

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