Man jailed for raping two boys


An 18-year-old man has been sentenced to 66 months imprisonment with hard labour for raping two boys.

The convict, Chikondi Banda, was reported to have invited two boys to a rest house at Linthipe Trading Centre where he promised to give them money.

State prosecutor Levi Mangani told the Lilongwe senior resident magistrate court on Tuesday that the two boys complied with Banda’s invitation and followed him to the room where he ended up raping them.

Banda was later convicted after he pleaded guilty to the charge of sodomy, which is contrary to section 153 (a) of Malawi’s penal code.

Mangani pleaded for a stiff punishment arguing that sodomy is a serious offense, hence the rapist had to be dealt with.

In his ruling senior resident magistrate Chisomo Msokera slapped Banda with five years and six months in jail.

The convict comes from Chiutsa village, Traditional Authority (TA) Chikowi in Zomba district.



  1. That’s being foolish!! Akana khalakuti wagwiririra asikana nde 15 years, kodi mesa kugwirira ndokugwirira, waapasaso matendatu amenewo.
    Chigamulo chimenechi tidabwepo

  2. There is no rape law in Malawi when in involves 2 men or boys. There should be and applied as it is for a women or a girl defiled.
    The convict should have received 13 years,

    Wake up Government and change the sodemy laws to include the definition of rape when it applies to boys and men,

    So many outdated laws Parliament should be updating but members just sit around get to workband solve the nstions problems not your own. Work harder.
    Chaponda gets reinstated Why, that’s right No Law,

  3. Rape?. No, but anywhere let’s findout from the Masters of this art, Trapence & Mtambo what this is called.

  4. Nde 5 years yachepatu bcoz ali ndi milandu iwiri, wogwiririra ndi mchitidwe wa amuna okhaokha.Akanapatsidwa 30 years chifukwa wanyatsitsa mtundu wa Malawi

  5. izi ndiye zachamba.2 boys kupangidwa rape ndiye opanga rapeyo zaka 5 ndimiyezi 5 kundende?anayenera kuphedwa basi.ngati wagwilira anyamata 2 akapita kundendeko ndiye azikakwera amnzake kangati patsiku?lamulo limati mkaidi samalakwa ndiye kumeneko azikangokwera mwaufulu which is very bad.

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