Mozambican man gets 5 years for stealing K300,000


The Magistrate Court in Mangochi district has sentenced a 21 year-old Mozambican man to five years imprisonment for stealing money from a bakery.

State prosecutor Raphael Chitsamba told the court that on January 28 the convict Dinesi Gabriel broke into Nyanja Bakery at Chiponde Depot using the back door when the salesman had closed temporarily.

He said the thief managed to get away with cash amounting to K300,000 which was in a plastic bag at the counter.

But when the thief was getting out of the shop, some people saw him and they alerted the Police who managed to catch him after chasing him for a distance of 300 metres. The police however recovered K117,000 cash.

He told police that that he only stole K117,000 but the salesman said the bag contained K300,000.

In court, the thief pleaded not guilty to the charge of theft and this forced the state to parade three witnesses.

Upon hearing from witnesses, Second Grade Magistrate Pearson Mwanyali found the Mozambican guilty.

The magistrate said the convict must be sent to prison as he illegally entered into Malawi and also committed an evil act. He then sentenced the thief to five years in prison so as to deter other would be offenders.

Dinesi hails from Nyerere village, Traditional Authority Matilesi Mandimba in Mozambique.



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  2. The salesman must be investigated too he might have taken some of the money and hide behind that thief to clear himself, because the figure 300000 may include the cash he stole

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