Malawi, Zambia maize deal: third company mentioned


Zambian authorities have disclosed one more company that was involved in the controversial deal to supply maize to Malawi.

The fresh revelations makes a total of three companies that were trusted by Malawian authorities to supply maize to the country.

The joint Parliamentary committee of public accounts and on agriculture that is currently in Zambia to probe the allegations of dubious transaction that Malawi had on the maize deal has disclosed that the inquiry has been told of Trans Globe to be another company hired to supply maize to Malawi.

Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga

Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga : More revelations are coming.

Chairperson of the committee Joseph Chidanti Malunga said Malawi has been aware of two companies namely Kaloswe Courier and Commuter and Zambia Cooperate federation (ZCF).

“What we have been told here is that the ministry of agriculture which issues permit for farm products authorized ZCF to export 50,000 metric tonnes and Trans Globe 50,000 metric tonnes making it a total of 100,000 metric tonnes,” said Malunga.

Executive Director of Kaloswe, Isaac Kapambwe, has since denied assertions that two maize contracts (with his company and ZCF) were signed on the same day – 17 June 2016 as earlier indicated by Admarc.

Kapambwe argued that such contract cannot be cancelled within a day as they involve a big process.

Meanwhile the committee is yet to present its findings to the national assembly.



  1. Africa is full of crook politicians ,don’t expect anything great from.these guys they r all the same,but becareful with your farms chaponda wavuta akungoba chilichose

  2. Which party this malunga guy represents in parliament? What impact is this so called maizegate brought to Malawi the same way cashgate did? Who has died of hunger so far? Zambian opposition and Malawi opposition zochita zawo nzimodzi; coming up with baseless claims insteady of strengthening their manifestos. All they believe in is creating fake stories they fail to defend when their chance comes by fate eg the Chasowa murder story, etc. There is no Tumbuka who wishes DPP well, and these guys too are very dull and difficult to handle. All they know is making a lot of noise to disturbe the action man. Ndipo anthu awa akakwatira pakwanu amavuta ngati ana-vindere! Another thing is that they are salivating for the maize which has filled the grain reserves. They want to impeach someone in order to sell it all for their personal benefits. A times group bwezani Mk2b tax money there are no drugs in the hospital and remember these DPP big guys are running this country on zero aid.

  3. i listen to a certain prophecy from malawi sayin…malawi has head of cashgate,maizegate…but there is coming another english word in 2017..hahaaaa…. malawians will be greatly amused kjkjkkk watchout dudes these thieves are nt yet done with u…….till to the last penny of ur sweat. .

  4. Are these investigations not pointing at Chaponda and Mulumbe yet? We only hear of flouted procedures and companies, how about the two? All this time, no names are coming out yet?

    • It is likely that Chaponda and Mulumbe could be the ones flouted the procedures. I don’t think this big deal somebody can deliberately flout procedures without the knowledge of minister

  5. asogoleri athu they will neva change there are all the same kuba basi kusaganizira anthu amene anawavotera kaya ndindani amene tizasankhe opanda zochitika otse zelu zimozi kukhara ngati anachokera bere limodzi ine sindiza votaso moyo wanga onse poti vote yanga inapita pachabe dziko lathu sirizasintha basi

  6. u see, that’s y i get hot under my colour when i hear someone thrusting his malefic fingers in president’s reign. this is the symbol that there is still more maize in malawi, bt becoz the oponents do jerk around malawians by forcing them to strungle the president with demands saying there is hunger in here, that z y companies weren’t aproached. becoz of bad minded people, the president was forced to buy maize from abroad becoz anthu opusa amat people are dying with hunger. look more maize is rotting in admarks, yet vendors are selling, so if there is hunger ,where do these vendors get this maize? bola anthu akanat akusowa ndalama osat chakudya ayi. that is y some are embezling the money u gave them becoz u’re forcing them to buy things that are present in malawi.

    • Frank, no point! You mean Peter could not verify that we have maize in Malawi? You mean the opposition misled Peter? If u say yes, then Peter is a very incompetent person. Why is Chaponda leading an agriculture ministry? Chaponda also didn’t know? They both knew we have maize in Malawi but they just wanted to steal a donor money. Maize is rotting in Admarc because it is too expensive for our ordinary man.

    • “Frank” u are missing a point nobody forced the govt to buy maize outside and if u are a keen follower of malawi current affairs u will recall that Felix Jumbe MCP Legislator then chair of Agriculture Committee of Parliament had to advise the same govt to buy maize here in Malawi but the advice falls in deaf ears. Africa sikutukuka chifukwa atsogoleri anthu akalakwitsa sipamalephera kupezeka ena owayikira kumbuyo ndiye amayamba kutumbwa. Sanati aziwomola ndarama ife tizangoti paja ndife tomwe tawakakamiza kukagula chimanga kunja akadatani abale Mu Nyasaa….. sazalongosoka basi. Nthawi ya Kamuzu, Samora Machel waku Mozambique anamuuza Kamuzu kuti ukulamulira anthu akufa chifukwa chakuona kugona kwathu aMalawi abale zimatipweteka tisatengere kuti ndi akumudzi dzikoli sitimanga

  7. I have to see the end of this,otherwise the time i will be in power this issue shall rejuvinate, whether these thieves shall be very old,they shall still face the law….and it shall be considered as a murder case,in fact the crime shall creep to their children

  8. A Malawi ena ndiwomvetsa chisoni mpaka kumanena kuti tatopa nazo izi. A mitima ngati iyi akachuluka atsogoleri aziwomola ndarama m’mene angafunire WAKE UP MALAWI mediocrity will not help us zoona ndarama zikubedwa mpaka ena kumanena kuti aah zatopesa izi koma mu Nyasaaa… sazatheka Kugona basi

  9. Those of you who dont see progress know your skulls are housing a lump of araldite or epoxy and it has harden to solid the only use is to hammer objects coz it cannot think anymore.

    • What type of progress are u talking about? Koma mu nyasa ndiwokanika basi reason awa alipowa ndi akumudzi shaaa….. Malawi at 52 titulutsanso mbendera ya dzuwa lathunthu zoonadi ena progress sakuyiwona ma public university 4 ndiwotsekedwa, Magetsi 24 hours, ma Salary sakuchedwa aziphunzitsi, chimanga ku Admarc chotsika mtengo K12500 kuposa vendor akugulitsa K15000, zitukuko zigawo zonse, zoona a bro Professor timugwiritsitse atukula Malawi. Praising mediocrity, Poverty, low levels of education are some of characteristics of Malawians. Tiyeni nazoni

    • No problem what we want is light at end of tunnel Mtima womangowombera manja chilichonse nchifukwa takhala tikunenedwa maiko otizungulira kuti ndife ogona. Tatopa nkunenedwa tiyeni tikonde dziko lathu

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