It was God who chose me to be Blantyre Mayor, says Ndipo as he calls for 5 year terms for Mayors


Mayor for Blantyre City Wild Ndipo has trashed claims that he was favoured by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for him to win in the Mayoral polls.

Ndipo won the seat last month after beating former Mayor Noel Chalamanda.

There were claims by another DPP candidate in the Mayoral elections Louis Ngalande who said that the party wanted Ndipo to win.

Speaking to Malawi24, Ndipo said leadership comes from God and that is why people voted for him to be the mayor of the city of Blantyre.

“The claims that I was favoured by the party to win the mayor’s seat are very false as most candidates in the elections were all Democratic Progressive Party members,” said Ndipo.

Wild Ndipo

Wild Ndipo says DPP leveled the playing field for aspirants.

He added that the party never played a role before and after the elections.

However, Ndipo said he believes in strategic leadership whereby people work together as unity is strength.

On his plans for the city, Ndipo said he wants a well-lit Blantyre city in which people would feel comfortable.

He however warned that for some plans to be implemented, there is need for Blantyre residents to pay city rates in time so that the money should help the city to develop.

Ndipo also supported claims that the two year term for Mayors in the country is too short.

“We should have a 5 year term so that one develops the city well but the two year term is too short for one to develop the city,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Mayor says he has a good working relationship with other councillors and he believes that they will work together to develop the city.



  1. Sad we have pipo like Ndipo in positions like Mayor as itbis in Btz. U can see his visionn ends at kuika magetsi miseu? Sure? Anbd u need 5 yrs for tht zero direction? Eeeeh koma dpp is killing Malawi day by day. Guys we dont need poloticians but technocrats and patriots! Chalamanda wil be missed ever!

  2. koma dzikoli mmmmm why removing chalamanda ,….r u sure it was God who chose u ? mr ndipo,..which God ? i wsh God wud srike u dead for abusing his name ,…long live chalamanda

  3. That is bullshit;just eat are maize; don’t talk shit you motherfuck; ngati mwasowa zolankhula osamatilalatila ayi ndalama zokhala zathu ayi;tsekani zimbuzi zanuzo agalu inu; mwatipha ndinjala mukutiphanso ndi mawu anthu oipa inu; ndiye mukumutchula mulungu tiziti ndinu okhulupilila? Mukanakhala okhulupilila bwezi mukuba?; udzanani amaudindo nonse michila yanu; massapuss;

  4. Although i live far far from BT, Chalamanda was a good mayor and one of tie best in Malawi, even on a ministrial postion he can do better than these fools.

  5. Dpp is quite a destructive party in Malawi. The fact that Chalamanda refused to be a dpp member, they ( dpp thieves ) ganged up together against him to lose the election! Then someone unknown claims God gave him the win? kkkkkkk Thieves of the same nose move together!

  6. Izi zopusa zedi. Kodi mulungu mukamuona ngati uncle anu eti? tiziona kaya iwe ikhala Bingate anzoko sakumatchuka ndimaize Gate MULUNGU osamamunamizila muli ndinjila zanu zomwe mumapanga kuti muzibela, tionana nthawi ikubwelayi

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  8. Malawi24, who favoured the Lilongwe & Mzuzu Mayors?. Elections are long gone & wonder why one with all his/her senses be making noise about this when we have so much unplanned & unthought about business.

  9. Two years is morethan enough, in development its very helpful to implement good plans laid by our former coleagues, but if you try to ignore everything, then even 5years wont be enough

    with these so many gates in this country, two years its better man……..