MP sings praises for Mutharika: claims the Malawi leader has developed Mzuzu


Member of Parliament (MP) for Mzuzu City Leonard Njikho has claimed that President Peter Mutharika is a man of development who has changed the city.

Speaking to Malawi24, Njikho said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government led by Mutharika has constructed roads in Mzuzu.

“We are much thankful to the president for hearing our voice. Today Mzuzu has become a city to smile about. We have managed to construct tarmac roads in areas like Katawa, airport up to Chiputula road, and Luwinga Nkholongo road. We have also maintained schools like Viyele, Ching’ambo, Msilo FP School and others.

“We are now on ground to construct the biggest youth centre in Malawi, and the Luwinga recreation centre which is already finished,” said Njikho.

Mzuzu airport

Mzuzu airport one of the projects Mutharika is being hailed for.

On the relocation of Mzuzu airport, the DPP legislator said they are in the process of implementing the plans.

“We are still talking to government to relocate the airport and after the move the place shall be used to build schools and tall building, as of now people are failing to build tall structures because of the airport,” he said.

On his time as MP for Mzuzu, Njikho who is in his first term as Member of Parliament said he has achieved a lot.

“People can now see why they voted for me, look only in two years’ time we have managed to construct roads, hospitals and many more things,” said Njikho.

Meanwhile, the MP has urged the Mzuzu City Council to do its part in developing the city.

Njikho won the seat as an independent candidate in the 2014 polls but he later joined the ruling DPP.







  1. Mr Njikho stop lamenting and do what you were assigned to do. The man in question only developed your pocket ( not even sure if he did), no make-up has been applied to change the face of Mzuzu.

  2. kkkkkk That’s why Uncle José sazawinanso. Peter akunenayo watukula Mzuzu wake uti? Go to Mchengautua komwe kuli nyumba ya Grace Chiumia mukaone mseu nde wina azikamba mbwelera? Zaziii DPP yatukula matumba ama Ministers osati dziko

  3. This MP is mad, I hope he is also pocketing the money from Admarc, He is developing himself through bwana APM, kkkkkkk

  4. This things gna make president to be propaganda ,chitukuko chsnji chimene mukuyima pachulu ndikumanena ,yendani mayiko ena muone zitukuko osati chitukuko,Amalawi timalakwisa tokha,osati president, to praise someone. Plz stop it Mr Njikho,

  5. Mungochedwa apa, muganiza president angasangalatse a malawi tonse? Fumbi ndiwemwini. Ngati ugona ndi njala kaya Umphawi ndiwekha thats because of your laziness(Ulesi) Amwenyewa alemera bwanji m’dziko lathuli? Mahala wipha.

  6. the way Mzuzu is today , is the way it was last tim i went , thus was 2015, what does APM changed? M Njikho jusy want money nothing else

  7. do yu recall not long ago its the same njikho who threatened to spill beans against the dpp legends for the threats …. nd tody he talks of ddp having developed the city….may be this is the beans he was talking about to spill…..?….truly am the longest serving resident of mzuzu ….so wat is being atterd here is a claim not a fact….remember not every claim is a fact….so i bet njikhoz asssertion is based on his opinion …….nd not general fact …after all he is a politician new for that matter

  8. Njikho ndiwe mbuzi ya munthu wava.anthu tikuvutika ku malawi kuno.ndiye udziti mzuzu watsintha..MZ watsintha pa nyumba pako kkkk

  9. Mulindivuto koma amene amakhala kuchiputula atakunvelani kuti palibe chachitika azakulililani mungule mangalasi muziona MZUZU wasitha

  10. i cant understand some Northerners MPs,because their intend pleasing the top leaders yet they are not earning the development which could have change their communities,jst wastage of time n so weaki

  11. Is he proud of that? (mutharika) mp ameneyu akufuna azimugawila ndalama zakuba,boma limeneli mmmmmm tiyeni tiyemike Mulungu komanso yemweyo azatisithila nyengo

  12. mmmmm ngt simukutha kuyamikira chaching’ono chomwe wakupatsani mulungu nkovuta kuzayamikira chachikulu.olo tifune tisafuneeee he is stil our president n nothing change.Amalawi we talk much !tyen tiziyamika mozonseeee .

  13. No one will change ur life my brother and if you think that the president change ur life, just wasting ur time and u will die poor. Your life can be changed by ur self and mainly if you are a good friend of God. See your friends my brother they are doing very better in their lives ask them no any president came and give them a batch of money. Kikikiki shame on youuu lazy boy

  14. Which mzuzu has Peter develop…njikho ngat akupasa banzi tangonena or maybe you don’t know the the meaning of development….or else maybe you talking of that fake tar Mac roads in mzuzu

  15. Atumbukatu samayamika ndichifukwa amathawa kutukula kwao kumabisala kumwera ayiwala kuti kwanu ndi kwanu. Bola A Tanzania aja akanangotenga kumpoto konse.

  16. Bwana Njikho stop behaving like a dog, it gets hit and run away when shown food, it wiggles its tail and come back. Let your own children slap you for being a foolish mpapi!

  17. Aaaaaaaaaaaa which changes is he talking about? Is njiko mad ? Or you just want peter and dpp to praise you? Don’t cheat people, even the president himself knows that he has not made any historical development in mzuzu as for now. Maize silos,bingu, reserve bank bingu, fuel reserve jb,mzuzu central hospital Muluzi, Nbm its Nbm,Toyota Malawi may be.may be shoprit complex? Tell us? You can’t talk of city streets. IF I WERE THE PETER the PRESIDENT I could definitely clean,( I mean removing) out such characters from front. Because you can’t know your real strength and wicks ,with this man who begs favor and milk your money. This kind of politics is what has made north to be left behind in development. Mzuzu city could have been a very good,and beautiful also well planned because it has enough area, it is planned by this new generation which goes around the world and see the modern styles, bts fully occupied, Lilongwe has room as capital. But all experiment of good town its there, Ana this mad man njikho should shut up.

  18. Those who are commenting using abbussive language; Are you wise enough or no? judge yourself…comment wisely so that your views will be valued. Others we dont finish reading your views once we notice abbussive language in it.

  19. Anjikho Akupanga Praise Ndicholinga China Not The Fact Of Development Timisewu Take Tamkombonimu Nditomwe Akut Has Changed Mzuzu? Anjikho Be Wise Timisewu Tanuti Means Nothing To Us As Mzuzu People Iwould Apreciate If You Can Talk Of His Late Brother Bingu Coz He Developed Mzuzu In Several Ways Not APM.Mukamanama Votes Will Judge You In 2019

  20. Anybody with a light gun here? These kind of people,handclappers for nothing are very dangerous to our society they are selfish need to be eliminated once for all.

  21. Apm has done nothing for Mzuzu city.I hope and believe that even the roads being mentioned here its the money of city .that is called local development aid/fund. We pipo from mzuzu we can easily tell that so far nothing has changed in mzuzu, mr njinkho be true in your point of view and tell ous what has changed in mzuzu

  22. A Malawi chinatikuliraso ndi ulesi, kukula ndi moyo wodalira basi, mtsogoleri aliyese woyipa? Wabwino azakhala ndani?

  23. Kumayamikira munthu akachita ntchito ya bwino.Mzuzu inkaoneka ngati kumanda koma utsogoleri wa Muthalika ndi chipani cha Dpp chatsitha Mzuzu tsopano ndi mzinda olozeka..Dpp woyeee…

  24. Apm wapanga chani ku mzuzu? Cadet aziti apm anamanga high court ku mzuzu and auction floors….nza bakili zimene zija cadet iweee

  25. Steve Patrick , mutu wako ulibe nzeru eti, ndichifukwa uli ndi maina okhaokha kusandusa surname. Kamuzu anapanga zinthu zambiri Ku MZUZU ,monga nseu , ndi zina zambiri, tisiyileni anthu omwe timakhala kuno kumpoto tizilankhula tokha .

  26. Whether yasintha kaya siyinasinthe ndalama sizinachokele nthumba mwake. He is just doing what he has been assigned to do. Anthu ambiri timayiwala zimenezi. Komanso I would rather have my local road untarmarked than ineyo kumagona ndi njala chifukwa cha umphawi. By the way, Mzuzu has changed but my question is “what has changed for you as a citizen” you can not develop the nation without improving peoples’ life standards

    • Well, improving peoples’ life standards is not only part of any nation’s development but prority. Of course, like you said, there is much that can be said on this topic especially as far as today’s Malawi is concerned haha

    • U people u surprised me, sometimes u sing similler praises to Kamuzi that he developed the country ofcos yes he did,but the question remains did he really used his pocket money to bring this development?no, so why is it hard wrong with Peter or Bingu? mulindivuto mmaganizo anu if its hatred or jelous etc,would u please move away from this jelous attitude? makolo anu anachita mtsutso omwewo but never get succeeded, others are still doing it but the mo they push hard to oppose the mo they get frustrated,to ‘ve peace in mind my brother is intelligent, u can not ‘ve the development u wanted if u dont make peace with leaders of the day,u’ll be chasing the wind even mau oyela akuti muyambe kaye mwasankha ufumu wake then all shall be given to you.

    • Maganizo opepela ndithu awa,, nanga mumanenelanji kuti amalawi tikuvutika chifukwa cha President??

      Mukamati President akupangisa kuti ndalama zizivuta mumatanthauzanji?

      Mukamati dziko lili ndi njala chifukwa cha ulamulilo wa President mumatanthauzanji?

      Nkuonatu mumasalidwa muzochitika zambiri coz simutha kuyamika

    • opposing because your opposer but not because you know what you are opposing. Changing this artitude is one of great development we need to achieve……

    • Well, I believe this is free media and if you people believe that is what Mzuzu is supposed to look like after 53 years of independence then let it be. The blame is not necessarily to go to Peter alone but I do believe all regimes are to blame for Mzuzu’s laidback status. The MP in question is a pure impressionist and propagandist because I don’t see any significant change to Mzuzu that one should be raising his voice praising or handclapping at anybody. It’s not yet time to do that. Mzuzu as it is doesn’t even feel like one of this country’s big cities.

    • What has he done? Pole are developing themselves and u say its DPP. We lost hope longtime ago now we are independent and u say he has develop Mzuzu. Yes we need to appreciate if someone has done good thing. But don’t clam good things that u are not involved. We are not kids. Maso Awa sanabwere dzulo. We are watching.

    • Mr. Nkandawire, much as i respect your views, dont forget that as citizens of malawi you have to give credit to where it is due to regardless of different political party or which region you are coming from. Malawi is one of the countries in Africa where people dont even like the president because of where he is caming from and even the tribe. But this will take us from nowhere. Unless our ideas are changed then we can also change and develope countrywide and live together as one.

    • I am sure you are aware that Malawi is a multi party county. Its a democratic country. Therefore time for campaign is gone but moving forward with development. I am sure that you are aware that APM is head of the state, not for DPP only. If a president says he will send development in the places where they recognise DPP as government only. What does that mean to u. Promising its not reality. The problem in Malawi the budget breakdown is not transparency. I think the president himself is the cause of this racism, tribalism and nepotism. If he can share the little we have equally and transparency I don’t c the problem with which party is doing the process. I am telling u from experience not imagination

  27. n wat terms i think he z out of his mind may b he was drimng i see nothng that APM has done for mzz except those dvlpment his brother left. may b mr MP u want bread from pter use other lies not about that

    • Man T don’t laugh at ur friend . We r Malawians let us be proud of our local languages. Amalawi timayankhula zaeni coz of poverty. Inu mumaona bwanji mmene zimakhalira kusukulu kuja kukhoza ma subject 7 kulakwa English akuti walephera mayeso failing only one subject is it gd? Our friends r always proud of their local languages so numerous to mention but why not us?

    • Ndani anapanga ma plan kuti Ku mzuzu kukhale city? Mmesa ndi Kamuzu , kodi inu tandiuzani president angafanane ndi kamuzu mmalawi?? Kamuzu anawachotsa ma phuzitsi akumpoto pakati ndi kumwera kamba kakuti anthu amathawa kumphoto kukadzadzana pa kati ndi kumwera , ndiye amene akadamaphuzitsa kumpoto akadakhala ndani? Kamuzu samaganiza ngati iwe oyendera mamina ai.amapanga zinthu zamzeru.padalibe chimene analakwitsa, iwe sukudziwa kuti pano maziphuzitsi ambiri akuthawira mtauni #statesman stevie Patrick

    • J kay,why people were deserting northern region?? Now you want to tell me that all the developments in Mz city were done during Kamuzu and Dpp has done nothing in the city?? Lets be realistic here.kkkkkkk,some1 laughed at me for commenting in chichewa.My friend know this,Ilove chichewa and am proud of it.chizungu nchawanthu obwera.

    • That’s not what I meant,there are some developments which D.P.P has done but very few,but to say kamuzu did nothing for thirty years it’s wrong.people of northern region were moving from north because it was underdeveloped.

    • Msiska,ndekuti Kamuzu amagwiritsa ntchito ndalama zamthumba mwake?? Umbulitu uwu ndithu.or atadzalowa president wachitumbuka,sangadzachite zimenezo.ngakhale bambo ako sangachite moang’ono pomwe.Ithink wandimva

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