Joy Nathu irked by accusations of favouritism

Joy Nathu

Award winning radio personality Joy Nathu has expressed disappointment over claims by some artists that he is biased in his choices of songs to premier on a Monday night program which he hosts on MBC Radio 2 FM.

The entertainment show which airs from 9PM to 12 Midnight, has on its menu music premieres, urban top 10, and guests segments.

Its diverse nature has made it one of the most listened to entertainment radio programs in Malawi. The music premieres segment has put Nathu under fire with people demanding an answer on the criterion he employs in selecting songs to premier.

Critics believe names matter in his choices, which he strongly denied in an interview with Malawi24 yesterday.

“I have heard such complaints but it saddens my heart to know that we have such people who do not take time to understand what is it that we mean each time we converse,” lamented Nathu.

He said a number of factors are taken into consideration before a song is approved for first airplay. And musicians are made aware of the whole procedure whenever they send a song to be featured on the program as Nathu gives them feedback.

“When one sends a song, I check for talent, style, production and the ability to be consistent in the follow up songs. We do not want to push one hit wonders, we want to push someone we can see growing. My job is to play music that is of substance, different style, mature production and most importantly that has a potential for growth,” he stressed.

The presenter who also mastered the art of Disk Jockeying believes artists who complain do not have the ability to learn hence they do not accept correction.

According to Nathu, if the concerned artists change their mindset and take his feedback as constructive criticism, a great time in the show awaits them.

Joy Nathu
Joy Nathu let down by reports of favoritism.

“If an artist as Sonye understands criticism or advice, why should it be hate if the same criticism or advice is rendered on an up-and-coming artist?” wondered Nathu.

He added: ”If artists are far from the required standards, they are asked to redo the songs if they are to have the privilege of airplay in the premieres segment. However some up-and-coming artists misunderstand this for hate.”

Made on Monday has restored radio listening days among the Malawi youth.

When it is 9PM on Mondays, the social media get awash with updates from people following the show on radio.



  1. am an artis ,ihv reased new track hw can isend it to u mr dj plz help me its adancehall patwa song my whatsapp +265881664683

  2. Keep it up Nathu, don’t b disappointed, you always best on the air, we r now in modern world, vimbuza songs we don’t need on air, Symon Chimbetu was our forefathers tune, now anthuwa akufuna udziika ma tune amenewo pa air ife ma born 3 tizimvera za chiterera? Never!

  3. makape,who started the show?who is the owner of the programe and who is funding it?who is paying for all the uploads about the premiers he brings?imean what if the songs you are bringing are manyaka type of songs,beef zopandapake,zotukwana n basi akakukanilani munvekele akutisala?mafana osaphwekesa deal,the NATHU guy is aman of his principles pa show yake and palibe omuuza zochita!the guy has a big fan base nde dnt xpect him to bring nyimbo zopoila kwa ifeyo amene timakonda joy nathu!mind you tinayamba kunvela Nathu enanu musanayambe kuimba nde musatinyase!!

  4. That’s a bad accusation to be frank joy doesn’t do day n hs one of da guys promoting music in mw n if one day our music industry is gonna blow joy is one of da guy to look up to

  5. Plz leave joy nathu alone…en joy is the best DJ here in malawi..……joy the D.J. no one like you……

  6. i have known unknown artists through made on monday
    learn to appreciate
    if your song doesn’t get airplay then there is sthing u must improve
    joy is joy and he shall still be the great dj of all time

  7. I think this is an unfair comment to a guy like Joy Nathu. This guy does all he can to be fair. All I know is that Joy goes for quality. He is one DJ I have always loved because of his quality selection of music, apart from his presentation. There are DJs at MBC whom we know don’t make you wonder with the sort of music they play.Trash !!!! And they play such music everytime they are on air, eish!!!!!!

  8. Joy Nathu ndi DJ wabwino kungoti oyimba ena sanafike kuti nyimbo zawo ziziimbidwa pa radio zimangofuna kumaziimba pakamwa basi osati mpaka radio kutha ma battery ndi za ziii, keep it up Joy

  9. If the songs are not up to the standards, artists should not expect them to be premiered, because we need something that can take our country to another level. Big up to Joy, coz he premiers what he sees is best……

  10. The fact is that all artists want to be #1 , DJ ‘ s selection is the best , #Joy_Anthu is the best DJ ,bigup Joy keep the fire burning .

  11. #DJ_Joy always gives us #Joy on #Radio2 every #Monday evening .

    If it is propaganda to give another DJ that program it will go wrong direction as #Gowero_Beats does since the departure of #DJ_Chris

    Go on #Nathu

  12. MBC is the best radio in MW coz it has quality DJs including Nathu and also well educated. OSaphunzira mokwanira amathotholedwa nkumatumizidwa Ku ma radio enawa. Oyimba ngati sunadziwike ndi MBC ndiye kuti sunayambe kuimba. So watch ur mouth ma artist mukumanama za Nathu.

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