Rwandan national murdered at Dzaleka refugee camp

Dzaleka refugee camp

A Rwandan national has been brutally murdered at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa, Malawi24 has learnt.

Dowa Police spokesperson Richard Kaponda has identified the man as Misigalo Kamiziyo who has been murdered by unknown thugs in the district.

According to Kaponda, the incident occurred during the night of 30 January at the refugee camp.

bloodAnother Rwandan national, Nyirahabimana Kasilida, who also stays at the refugee camp and is aunt to the deceased told police that the young man was staying alone in his house which is near her house within the camp and that he was a habitual criminal.

“He was last seen on 30 January drawing water from a nearby borehole and the following day when I wanted to answer the call of nature outside my house I saw the man lying dead beside his house,” Kasilida said.

The matter was reported to Dzaleka police unit and scene of the crime was visited by station officer for Dowa police Station, Senior superintendent Morgan Dzodzi and Criminal investigation officers together with senior medical officer from Dowa District Hospital.

Postmortem conducted revealed that death was due to hypoxia (secondary to strangulation).

According to Kaponda, the man was tied with his own belt on the neck.

Police in Dowa have since launched investigations to arrest the thugs. If arrested the suspects will answer the offence of murder which is contrary to section 209 of the penal code.

The deceased hailed from Butali province in Rwanda.




  1. Chikakhala kwanzako umachiseweletsa ndivu kuchiona kupusa;uzaziona wakula watha; paja2 kuyenda nkuvina; simukudziwa chomwe ulankhula poti simunayendepo;maka maka iwe usamale;

  2. ………I think they need relocated…they were living on vegetation land.
    .but now desert….and they should not live at the middle of the country…Borders are better…

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