Jazmin Malawi: new artist on the block, out with three songs


She draws her timeline to composing music from the time she was a kid and now she is out with three songs whose videos are trending on local Television stations already.

Jazmin Malawi has three songs: Jazmin Malawi, You Are the One and My Heart Lied.

In telling her story in an interview with Malawi24, Jazmin who does more of R ‘n B, Afro Beat and Malawian beat says she has had impressive feedback on her projects already, something which she believes will move her forward in her career.

Jazmin tells her story.

‘’At the moment Jazmin Malawi which got distributed a lot on television stations like MBC TV and Beta TV got a lot of feedback. As for You Are the One, I have its video out as well. And this weekend I am working on the video for My Heart Lied which I will be shooting at ku Chawe in Zomba,’’ said the songbird who studied Graphic Designing at Techno Brain in Blantyre.

In Jazmin Malawi she says she fused elements of Malawian culture with the other two exploring matters of issues that arise in people’s relationships that include heartbreaks. The songs have been recorded at Low Budget Studio with the videos done by Plutnum.

‘’You see I do a lot of recording on my own, I dream of songs and start practicing. It’s just that I was busy with school but right now am geared to have more projects out,’’ Jazmin Malawi said.

She has since hinted on plans to release an album with plans to compile the songs remaining in the offing saying the studio producers have been busy and she intends to fetch another producer to record and finish up the other songs. ‘’At the end of it all I want people to know my music. I actually do not have big dreams as it is done by most artists. I want people to appreciate my music that’s all,’’ she said when asked about the dreams she has in the career which she says has thus far received vehement response from fans in Malawi.

Jazmin has not had any public performances but says she is ready to make appearances at any shows she can get invited to.

‘’Let’s hope I will be able to perform at any shows that I get invited. I define my music as good because I dream the songs and when I wake up I start recording. I have more than 30 recordings in my phone, that is what moves me,” she said.



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