Court maintains Chaponda’s suspension


The Mzuzu high court has maintained its earlier ruling that minister of agriculture, irrigation, and water development George Chaponda should be suspended.

Justice John Chirwa made the ruling this morning following an application by Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale for the court to lift an injunction that led to Chaponda’s suspension.

George Chaponda
Chaponda: Still not recognised as Minister of Agriculture.

Two weeks ago the high court judge Justice John Chirwa suspended Chaponda after an application by the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that argued that the minister should stop working following reports of dubious transactions in the maize procurement under Admarc.

However, the Attorney General Kaphale challenged the suspension arguing that the decision had a fundamental error.

Kaphale disclosed that only the state president has the power to make decisions on cabinet ministers in the country.

Making a ruling on the matter again this morning, Chirwa maintained that Chaponda remains suspended as the report by the commission is not yet out.

One of the activists who sought the injunction Charles Kajoloweka confirmed the development to Malawi24, saying the ruling reflects maturity of democracy in the country.

“The court ruled that they have jurisdiction over all matters including Executive decisions, the CSOs have sufficient interest to litigate this matter (maize scam) and including all matters of public interest at last inclusion of the Attorney General on this matter has been quashed.

Only two respondents remaining are President Mutharika and Hon. Chaponda now,” said Kajoloweka.

He also disclosed that the CSOs are filing a contempt of court case against Chaponda who left the country to attend a conference as a minister in Germany despite being suspended.



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