Mob murders man for killing friend’s wife


An angry mob has stoned to death a 27 year-old man for attacking a couple who had accommodated him for one night at their house.

According to Limbe police public relations officer Pedzesai Zembeneko, the man killed a woman identified as Jese Bero and injured her husband 27 year-old Halison Davie.

Zembeneko said the angry mob victim, Mwenye Bwana, on Friday begged for accommodation at his friend’s house. He said Davie together with her wife Jese Bero offered Bwana a room not knowing that he had malicious plans to kill them in the middle of the night.

“Around midnight, Bwana started to shout for help and this prompted Davie to go and find out,” he said.

But when Davie got to the room, Bwana stabbed him on the neck. The wife also rushed to find out as well and Bwana stabbed her three times and she died on the spot. The attack woke up neighbours who broke into the house in order to save the couple. They took the killer outside and started stoning him until he died. The bodies of Bwana and Bero were taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Postmortem. Meanwhile, Davie who is from Lolani village in the area of Traditional Authority Thomas in Thyolo is admitted to Queens. His wife Jese Bero was from Doko village T/A Mulolo in Nsanje district.



  1. There is no difference between an armed robber who rubs a bank with a mask and a lady who uses make-up to lure a man, henceforth, all ladies with make up should be charged for criminality.

    1. Iwe unaidziwa nkhani imeneyi mwachangu, bwanji sunalembe pa wall pakopo kuti anthu adziwe kuchokera kwa iweyo? Ndiye lero yatulutsidwa nkhaniyi, anthu alephere kuwerenga chifukwa choti iwe inachitika kale? Iwe ndiwe chinyama, phone yobwerekayo pita ukabweze pakalipano.

    2. Ayi Nkhani ndiyakut musamati a malawi24 achedwetsa,inuyo bwanji simunapange post nkhaniyi yitangochitika kumene kut anzanunso tiyidziwe.

  2. kikikiki Accommedete him pls can u try to explaine further so that i can understand wht ar you trying to say am sory for that inu Atolankhani a Malawi 24…..

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