Analyst backs extension of maizegate probe deadline

Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri

A political analyst in the country says the extension of the deadline for the Commission of Inquiry on maizegate to release its report on the scandal is justified if there are tangible reasons.

Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri
Malingamoyo Phiri; The expectation is that things will work out.

This is coming at a time when President Peter Mutharika has extended the dates for the commission of inquiry to release its report.

According to a statement, the commission cannot release the report today as initially scheduled due to the nature of the inquiries and the information to be analysed.

Reacting to the development, political analyst Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri said there is no problem if there is justification for the extension of the dates of releasing the report.

“If there is no justification for the extension it would not be good for the president since he would lose trust of many Malawians by deliberately choosing not to keep his promise,” said Malingomoyo Phiri.

On accusations that the delay in releasing the report would give ample time to the culprits to hide relevant information required for the inquiry, Malingamoyo said it could not be wrong to suspect foul play for the delay in releasing the report.

He however noted that if anyone is apprehended in connection to the maizegate scandal it will mean democracy is winning in the country as nobody is above the law.

“In a democratic society no one is above the law, arrest of the culprits   would mean democracy is winning in the country and that would send a warning to would be offenders,” he said.




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