Magistrates threaten to down tools over allowances


Magistrates in Malawi have threatened to hold a strike if government fails to give them their house allowances by February 8 2017.

In a letter signed by national chairperson of Association of Magistrates in Malawi (AMAM) Innocent Nebi and addressed to the Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda, the magistrates have vowed to stop work if they are not honoured with house allowances on their packages.

malawi-high-courtAMAM has disclosed meeting government officials on the matter but said the meeting yield nothing hence the move to down tools.

Confirming the development, Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula said the magistrates are to hold a strike if government fails to give them money to pay their rentals.

Mvula added that the development is likely to compromise justice delivery in the country.

“As you all know that the magistrate courts do have many cases and the magistrates are the ones that work most in our judiciary system and statistics can confirm on that,” said Mvula.

Last year support staffs at the Judiciary also downed tools to force government to give them their house allowances.



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