Consumers disappointed with new Cocopina


Malawians who consume Cocopina soft drink have expressed dissatisfaction over the taste of the drink.

People have expressed their concerns on Facebook over the taste of Cocopina which according to them has been rebranded by Southern Bottlers.

Cocopina has lost its taste.

The consumers say it is regrettable that Sobo thought of changing the taste of the drink which they claimed is not good when compared to the old brand.

Some of them said they would have been grateful if Sobo considered their concerns and brought back the old Cocopina.

According to people who have tested the new Cocopina, it has the taste of Fanta pineapple and if put in a cup people would think it is Fanta.

“Bring back my real Cocopina, it smells and taste like Fanta pineapple, if it wasn’t in a bottle, you won’t know it’s not Fanta pineapple,” said Atui Weni on Facebook.

While Hannock Hudson Chimtengo said: “I don’t think this one falls into that category they could have indicated on the bottle that it’s Cocopina pineapple or something. I suspect they have played with the formula to reduce the cost.”



  1. A Malawi ife kupusa timalimbana ndi zopanda ntchito malo mot tizilimbana ndi anthu andale akungoononga misonkho yathuwa muli busy kupanga za cocopina? Camon guys

  2. its true ma drink awo anatha value kale matenga cocopina one by one kugugudiza osapumila kukoma kokhakokha now i take a sip different taste ndumapumila kuzifusa ayikamo chani

  3. Fotsek a consumer, you are the people who also contribute a lot to the failure of this nation and dpp as government, you walk with wide open mouth just to milk money and quite. Too much corrupted this office.

  4. This is so pathetic if u can see the bottle top looks like sprite,the drink itself its pineapple favour and the bottle its coco pina…wat a cocktail

  5. Some bottles are found with some unusual stuff or sealed while broken though with MBS Certification. Sometime ago when Customers were respected & taken care of, such bottles were returned to the Shop & to SOBO if there was proof of a Factory problem. Today, if one has nomore money for another bottle, you go thirsty & cheated.

  6. Akungosungunula jolly jus wa pine apple awa, taste ya zakumwa zawo zonse zinasitha.. Mwatitola kwambiri a Malawi fe ma products anu salibwno, bola frozy ujatu

  7. Not from mozambique koma alowa economy anaona kuti frozy amayenda ngakhale anali wa low value nde nawo atengera zomwezo akudziwa kuti timangomwa chilichonse tigula basi nde pano anthu anachenjeratu amatha kusiyanitsa taste

  8. not only cocopina,both soft drinks nowadays taste’s like juice color a 3 year old dilute for the family.Why did they complain about frozy killing their business?????? so that they can give us this Donald Trump urine,mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    1. kodi Frozy adaletsa? I don’t think so. I almost every day seing some women selling frozy along Malawi Housing Co-operation (MHC) near Soche Police Unite.

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