FAM seeks fans’ opinions on Malawi football

Walter Nyamilandu

Walter Nyamilandu : We need peoples views on our football.

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has called on football fans to express their views regarding the state of football in the country.

FAM’s president Walter Nyamilandu made the call in Lilongwe.

Nyamilandu assured football fans that they should not hesitate to express their views on how Malawi football can improve.

According to Nyamilandu, the football body has been making decisions concerning football on its own for a long time but now it has decided to ask for ideas on how Malawian football can move forward.

“Everyone is free to give his or her opinion on Malawi football since we strongly believe that the ideas will improve football in the country,” he said.

Nyamilandu finally asked all football fans in the country to give their views so as to improve football in the country.

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