Woman hangs herself over marital problems


A woman in Machinga district has committed suicide by hanging herself from the roof of her house after her husband told her to leave their home.

Death hangingMachinga police identified the deceased as 20 year-old Yvonne Kwisongole of Kamaliza Village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka.

According to Machinga police spokesperson Dave Sulumba, for about a year the woman suspected her husband of sleeping with other women and this led to arguments.

“On Sunday the husband went to Namwera Turn Off to pick up his relatives to solve their marital problems but on his way he sent a text message to his wife telling her to leave the house before he is back,” said Sulumba.

After receiving the text, the woman sent her two daughters aged 4 and 6 to buy Kamba puffs at a nearby grocery.

But when the kids came back they found their mother hanging from the roof of their room.

The woman left a suicide note saying that God will never allow his children to be suffering all days.

Postmortem results from Chamba Health Centre revealed the death was due to suffocation.



  1. Noted that most of you don’t know what and how long it takes to build a family. She considered all options plus the heart she had on her husband but could not see any value of continuing with life on Earth. I can’t blame her entirely. There’s is also life where she is now be it good or bad. I rest my case

  2. I Dont evev blame a young woman 4 ê choic she made {sucide}. Rememba! mariege is é last decision in life tym so she lost hope; no where to go no one to suport, nothng to do, lost sight, she finishd……… RIP

  3. Perhaps am wrong or otherway round..Education can rebalate our girls from being victims of Marriege.basically thy can b self reliance @ the end of a day only if thy cn have job/business..koma kumangothamangira mphechepheche ma anyamata basi.humble impeal 2 ministiry of social offair plz go & trace issues affectng our beautful ladys @ grass root level.RIP

  4. There was nowhere else she could go, that she decided to leave for heaven. I will still blame Men for their pompeous behaviours, we take women as slaves! this is so sad though. May her soul rest in eternal peace

  5. There is life & marriege after a divorce. Don’t committe suicide, because of the divorce. This is not a remedy to any problem. What to note is, “THERE IS HELL UNDER THE SIN”

  6. Amalawi amzanga tiyeni tichepetse mchitidwe wodzimangirira ngakhale vuto lingakule bwanji.kudzimangiriratu ndi tchimo pamaso pa yehova.

  7. Moyo ndiovuta anaganidzira Ana kuti akapanga nawo bwanji okhaokha Komanso sanaone pasogoro kuti akapanga zimenedzi Ana avutika kwambiri tidzivomereza zikavuta Mulungu sangatisiye Tokhaa R.I.P my sister

  8. Kusadzidalira Pachina Chilichonse,mamuna Waziphelayo Ndi Wa Golide?Wamusyanso Mamunayo,azimayi Tidzilimba Mtima Plz,,amuna Tmakumana Nao Mano Onse Ali Mkamwa,,ngat Mamuna Akutisya Tvomeleze,ndpo Tlimbe Mtima,tidziganizila Ana Athu,,plz

  9. She ws told to leave house n she did, so wat???? She did whats gd for her. Anyamata mukangopeza kankazi kena, mumapanga zopusa banja sathetsa motero. Wachita izo kamba kachokondi chomwe analinacho kwamumana wake, n she thought everything ws over in her life. Chabwinobe tingopelekeza ndi. RIP;

  10. Machinga/Mzimba and suicide! What’s really wrong with the residence of these districts??? Does their cultures not have enough social support systems or their settlement pattern could be contributing to this?? Am lost in word! It’s high time psychologist should go dipper with these suicide cases! Zinazi osamangoziyang’ana, we are losing productive citizens here

  11. Anyamata mukamasiya atsikanawa,muziwasiya bwinbwino osapanga so mpweteka moyo,mwaona sono mwapereka mabvuto kwa makolo ake osalakwa akulira mwana wawo amathandiza zina ndi zina panyumba wafa. Pliz anyamata ndimasoka amenewa..rip.

  12. Women! End Of Marriege Is Not End Of Everything, Pliz Never Rush To Commit Suicice Coz Of Marital Quarells. There Is Still A Positive Life After Divorce, Afterall It Is A Sin Before God To Kill Yourself. RIP.

  13. She must go straight to hell , there is life after marriage, this is the problem of malawians wowen, once a husband says this marriage is over they think everything is over for them,

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