Chiefs faulted for rise in early marriages


Early marriages blamed on local authority.
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Traditional chiefs in Ntchisi and Mchinji have been blamed for high levels of early marriages and school dropouts in the districts.

This comes days after a 13 year-old girl got married to a 15 year-old boy in one of the villages in Mchinji.

The marriage has been attributed to the failure of traditional chiefs in the district to take responsibility to make sure that such malpractices do not happen.

In his comment, district welfare officer for Mchinji Rodwell Chaya described poverty, ignorance, and lack of information on the subject as some of the contributing factors to the high levels of this malpractice in the district.

Despite efforts by other organisations in sensitizing the youth on the dangers of early marriages, recent reports have indicated that 65 percent of youth in Mchinji enter into marriage before the recommended age of 18.

Meanwhile police are keeping in custody the underage couple saying they have acted contrary to the laws of the land.



  1. Apapa tagawanapo, inu muzibera boma ife tizikwatirana, one thing that drive me crazy is that out there their are many educated people but they are doing nothing , their opoitions is getting maried only , therefore they cant encourage underdawgs to go to school yet themselves school bring them nothing, ndi nkhani yamaufuluyi alekeni apange kufuna kwawo bkoz you as gavernment you failed them

  2. Asiyeni alindi mavuto mungawathandize inuyo mafumu.Kukhale koyamba ndikosiliza ndikadzamvanso basopu.Ndizakuthirani ukali kwambiri mafumu opusa

  3. Zautsiru, mafumu amva kuti munthu waba ndalama za chimanga koma alichete, mukanene za marriage ndi means wanu, alibe makolo,mai ake amdyetsa chani chimanga akuba Ku khonzekera 2019 mukungo wona. Koma akonalakwa chakwera. Mbuzi zamafumu zikuononga Malawi.

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