Malawi is black: CSOs declare January 17 as ‘Black Tuesday’

George Chaponda
George Chaponda
Chaponda (left) is said to be shielded by President Peter Mutharika’s (C).

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the country have declared tomorrow, January 17, as Black Tuesday.

January 17 is the day when an inter-partes hearing on the maize scandal will commence at Mzuzu High Court.

The court last week suspended minister of agriculture George Chaponda from discharging his duties following an application from CSOs who wanted him to pave way for a probe into the maize scandal.

But the Attorney General filed an application in a bid to vacate the injunction obtained by the CSOs and the court will hear arguments from the two sides tomorrow.

Writing on Facebook, Charles Kajoloweka who leads a CSO called Youth and Society (YAS) has called on Malawians to join the CSOs in demonstrating against looting of public funds at the high court.

Charles Kajoloweka
Charles Kajoloweka: Has confirmed of the move.

“As the maize scandal case enters inter-partes hearing at the Mzuzu High Court this Tuesday, 17th January, we have declared the day “BLACK TUESDAY”. A day patriotic Malawians will openly join civil society groups in seeking justice on the alleged looting of billions of public resources meant for procuring maize for the 6.8 million starving citizens,” wrote Kajoloweka.

He further urged Malawians that their cooperation will define their patriotism.

“We are inviting all patriotic Malawians and people of goodwill to join us on this great day. Time: 8:30 am,” added Kajoloweka.



  1. Thats cul mr Peter, and i allow u to do so hut only in ur family, dnt include all malawians wth ur stupidity idear, n if u wld lyk them to help u wth that, the plz explain to de people the reason y they hv to. Sry peterson anthu holiday imeneyo sanaidziwe kotero sangangouzidwa kuchita zinthu zopusa popanda zifukwa. Or r u planing to cut off the lights tomorrow? Koma ngati mwapenga ganizani bwino kusanache, pp r sick n tired of u, u r Buhari’s brother.

  2. Other countries lyk South Africa, the ANC supporters there the ones who are always in front for service delivery’s demonstration, but for us Malawians we can’t talk nothing,what we know is to clapping hands on everything even if it’s maizegate because we are supporters of the ruling party kkkkkkkkkkk

  3. I will tomorrow buy a1kg meat, 2kgs of rice with drinks for my family. I don’t. Care whether about Chaponda or CSOs. Demonstrate but you will not get payed, but the organisers will multiple allowances.

  4. Koma mwina Queens Language ndi yomwe yavuta kuimvesa.. Mawa pa 17 January 2017 ku Mzuzu High Court kuli za Injunction ija a Civil Society Organization anatenga kuti nduna Chaponda atule pansi unduna pamene akufufuzidwa…. Chonde mvesesani kulibe MADEMO monga ena mukuyankhira m’ macomment anu…. Ndiye ayitcha kuti Black Tuesday ku mtundu wa a Malawi….

  5. wen an eagle flies with rotten wings under de dfence of the natural air…..i bet chaponda is being protected by Gods nature but i bet time will come wen de same God will sentence him life in hell for his acts of sufferingbon this earth… de space

  6. kodi mungoti maize gate muli manja lende kudikira zolandira eti?mmalo moti muzizisakira nokha apa kutachere njala nonsenu ndi kupatsani mbuzi imodziimodzi

  7. demos then what! The organisers of e demos pay themselves allowances.The CSOs and Gvt are Birds of e same feather wearing different jackets.

    1. yaa n good food Wil come when others hav stolen it. good food Wil come with bad governance. imagine if there was no maizegater n a bag would cost K5000. hw much good food would we hav..dnt worry U stay at home zinthu zikakonzeka uzagula nawo motchipa. U neva know ndiwe mfulu lero coz others had to go 4 demos tsiku lina. Think dip

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