Be warned: a fake K2000 note is in circulation

k2000 bank note

Trending social media images show a fake K2000 bank note circulating in Malawi with some security features missing on the note.

According to the images that Malawi24 has seen, the fake K2000 lacks the brightness and shiny features on it among other things.

k2000 bank note
The fake bank note is the bottom one.

The note holographic foil strip which is the shiny vertical line at the far left end is not shiny as the real banknote, the fake banknote also lacks the sparkling live image of fish that deliverers colour changing on the front side which is shiny. On the fake note, the fish image is faded and cannot shine.

The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) adopted the latest security features on the K2000 banknote in order to make it easy for the public to easily identify the genuine banknote and also as a deterrent to those who would want to duplicate the money.

The central bank has always advised the general public to check the security features to confirm the authenticity of the banknote to avoid being cheated.

According to the Reserve Bank, the general public needs to check for; watermark, spark live (fish shaped image), roughness (intaglio printing), holographic foil stripe, recognition feature for the visually impaired and security thread rolling star cube.

The RBM is yet to comment on this matter of a counterfeit note.

According to the RBM, the K2000 note which was introduced on 19 December has come about because the then highest note of K1000 had lost value.



  1. Let me congratulate the one who has tried his best to produce this fake K2000 Malawi bank note. I really appreciate but keep on trying nextime you will make it. My advice to Reserve BanK of Malawi please try to investigate about the one who has tried his best to produce this face bank note for him / her to beu employed by you. This man/ woman is very intelligent than you. If he/she manage to produce bank notes using locally made products and what about if you have employed him/her? I think there will be more sophiscated security in these bank notes kkkkk.

  2. Most Malawians have very low financial incomes that do not require the MK2000 note. I thought this was meant for people doing transactions which require very huge sums of cash, say from at least a MK300000 upwards. But it is very FUNNY, INSANE and STUPID to note that our Banks have slotted in these MK2000 notes into their ATMs replacing the the MK1000 notes when they know that most of their customers are low income earners , receiving their wages through the banks ATMs. How on earth do you pay low earners in MK2000 notes. Munthu akulandira MK20000 , 30000 and you pay him in MK2000s- akagule matemba a MK200 who is gonna give him change ? Our Bankers why cant you keep those currency notes at the counters so that who ever wants them should find them there. WE DONT NEED THESE 2000 NOTES IN THE ATMS – ndichitonzo osati sewero.

  3. nonse asogoleri musangoti zimimba zuli muziganizira komanso kukonda dziko lanu are you real malawians? ine ndakaika ndalama yatulukayi zonsezi ndikulemphera kwanu ndi mfundo zanu za fake zikuzunza amalawi ambiri omwe akuyaka ndikunena pano.

  4. The new banknote is different from the old banknotes. on the old banknotes the heads are on the right while on the new banknote is on the left. reserve bank of malawi can you explain the difference is it a printing error or new design?

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