Bizarre! Malawian woman gives birth to two stones


A 23 year old Malawian woman in Salima district has given birth to two stones wrapped in a scary black paper, Malawi24 can confirm

According to reports, the lady, Lenia Phiri had given birth to the stones which among other things had an improperly written note on it on Tuesday.

This has been confirmed by personel at Kamboni Health Centre in the district.

The facility’s officer in charge, Christipher Kadimba is being quoted as having said Phiri was brought to the facility by her mother who told them she had given birth while they were on their way to the hospital.

This was after she complained of labour pains.

But it was on her way to the hospital when this happened and her mother who helped her could not believe what they saw coming out of the lady’s womb.

They then wrapped the stones under a cloth before they walked all the way crying to the health facility, sources say.

She attended her last antenatal supervision in September and this was before  the health personnel had discovered that the pregnancy was not six month old as she had told them.

The health workers said the pregnancy was younger than the six month she said.

Unfortunately, she had not been under any monitoring since then.

Meanwhile, the lady has been referred to Kasungu district Hospital.

Locals however believe this is an act of witchcraft.

In 2009 a 20-year-old Mulanje woman identified as Agnes Msolo delivered a 300 gram stone at Mulanje District Hospital. This time her pregnancy was six months old.



  1. Eeish! zmawawa popweteka! komanso zoopsa a2 amene amatamba kumawamvera zison coz ena anaphunzitsdwa asakudziwa ali ana ,ena mwaiwo amafuna kusya koma amalephera. Sorrie 4 ha,koma ndi chipongwe!

  2. Too bad, witchraft is real guys, the similar abomination happened in Mulanje some few years ago were a certain woman gave birth to a stone!

  3. dnt blame Salima guys,,, are u forget that mumakonda miracle money??? that’s miracle stones osamadabwa ai ,,and som of u mukunyonza Boma Zikugwirizana bwanji ndinkhaniyi? poor pipo poor mind

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  6. mutu ndi nkhani sizikugwilizana,, a woman delivers two stones in salima,, then it goes “she delivered them at kamboni health centre, the woman has been refered to kasungu district”

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