Malawi’s flag flying high at the BBC, all because of Joab Chakhaza

Joab Frank Chakhaza

Malawian media personality Joab Frank Chakhaza is doing well at British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) where he is on a work placement.

The Zodiak Broadcasting Station presenter landed a work placement with BBC’s Focus on Africa mid this year. He was selected along nine other people having excelled in their postgraduate studies under the Chevening Scholarship in the United Kingdom.

Chakhaza is considered to be one of the most gifted media personalities in Malawi. He is adored for his confidence that is exposed through clarity in voice during presentations.

Joab Frank Chakhaza
Joab Frank Chakhaza : Doing great with the BBC.

When asked about the secret behind his confidence on radio, Chakhaza told Malawi24 he does not think about the audience which conquers the nervousness that comes when one is conscious of being listened to on radio.

“Normally when talking on radio I do not think about the multitudes that are listening. I just aim to be at my best. The best approach when on air is to imagine you are talking to your best friend. That will help calm your nerves and speak naturally,” said Chakhaza

His work placement began on 5th September this year and will end on 4th January next year. So far he has enjoyed regular time in reading news briefs during Focus on Africa news programmes on BBC Radio. He follows in the footsteps of another renowned Malawian media personality, Chakuchanya Harawa, who has been with BBC for a long time.

Chipliliro Kansilanga is another Malawian journalist who was considered work placement together with Joab Frank Chakhaza, having also impressed academically. However Kansilanga is associated with BBC media action in East London.

Chakhaza advises the youth to follow their dreams if excellence in life is to be guaranteed. He argues that parents should not impose dreams on children but the young ones should decide on their own.

“Work hard and do something you are passionate about. Most youth do things to either impress their friends or on instruction from their parents.

“In my view, it is much easier to do something you love or are passionate about. So if you love music then sing. If you like helping the sick then be a doctor. But most of the time young people pursue careers because ‘My dad wants me to be a lawyer etc,” he said.



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