Govt says Malawians should embrace gambling


Government through the ministry of trade, industry and tourism says there is need for Malawians to change their attitude on the issue of gambling and casinos.

This was established during the official opening of Marina Casino in Lilongwe.

Malawians asked to embrace gambling.

Chief Director in the ministry of trade industry and tourism Elsie Tembo said casinos can help to boost the country’s economy as government will be able to collect more tax.

“There is need for people to change their negative attitude on casinos especially on gambling but people must remember that everything we do has a negative effect,” said Tembo

She added that Malawians need to understand that when one loses whilst gambling one should accept defeat and go home.

Tembo further said that such casinos can attract tourists and in the end the economy of the country will be boosted.

According to Tembo, casinos are part of relaxing and having fun so people must change their attitude on gambling as well as casinos.



  1. Gambling is addictive. stop manipulating people to love this kind of malpractice for your favour…..stop encouraging people rather create jobs ask people work hard save and develop their living standard. dont make people to sell their souls to the devil…gambling is for devil…plz

  2. The poor loose the little they have in the name of trying to make more this is a wicked way of making money.and the gov.t instead of protecting against its promoting