Malawi faring well on human rights issues – lawyer


A human rights lawyer has said the country is doing well when it comes to human rights issues. The lawyer Crispin Sibande said for the past 12 months the country has done well in terms of upholding and respecting human rights.

“As a country we are doing well in terms of the framework of enjoying human rights as we have seen that government has continued to report human rights issues at international level,” said Sibande.


Human rights issues improve in Malawi.

He added that there has been mutual participation in parliament and the constitution has not been tampered with by authorities which shows that people are now enjoying their rights.

On the recently passed Access to Information bill, Sibande said the legislation shows that people will enjoy their rights to access information.

He further said that Malawians are also able to go on the streets to demonstrate on various issues which is another way of exercising their human rights.

However, Sibande said there are still challenges as people do not know their rights hence the need to civic educate many Malawians so that they should be aware of the rights which they have.

According to Sibande, people need to know government processes and how laws are made so that all people get to know their rights.



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