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More rains required to end blackouts – ESCOM

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has clarified that more rains are required for the power outages to come to an end. This follows an outcry from the citizenry on the static nature of the electricity situation despite a promising start to the rainy season.

However the power body has stressed the rains are inadequate to reinvigorate the water sources.

“The rains have started. But so far not enough to change the current power situation, however the power situation will improve with more rains,” reads a message from ESCOM.

Escom Malawi load-shedding

Blackouts still order of the day (Library)

The country has been experiencing persistent blackouts since July due to a drop in water levels in Lake Malawi as a result of inadequate rainfall last year.

The situation has triggered ugly effects on the country’s economy thereby raising fears of delayed progress. On a positive note, the meteorological services assured the nation that it will receive normal rainfall this year.

This has made Malawians count on every drop to make an instant impact in as far as changing the electricity situation in Malawi is concerned. The never ending blackouts have forced people to negate ESCOM’s slogan from towards power all day every day to towards blackouts all day every day.

Others have gone as far as labelling the body, Blackouts Supply Corporation of Malawi (Blascom).

Malawi has this year faced the music for leaning on one source of power, the hydroelectric system, which is prone to disruption with shortage in water supply.

The situation has on the other hand provided a bleeding ground for innovations with the youth coming up with different ideas on how they may come up with alternative sources of power.

People have proposed investing in solar energy as well as nuclear in which uranium is used as a source of power.

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