Commentators warn of more trouble ahead for Malawians: Mutharika branded clueless leader

Mutharika Peter

Political commentators have warned that Malawians may face more trouble ahead, saying President Peter Mutharika seem to have run out of ideas.

One of the country’s political analysts Humphreys Mvula, who served in various positions during Bakili Muluzi regime, branded the Mutharika led government as very dangerous to Malawians.

He said the leadership of Mutharika is surrounded by people who are selfish and careless about the majority of Malawians who are poor.

“It’s very unfortunate that things are worsening almost each and every day in all sectors. You tend to ask yourself if the president is at all aware of the situation,” he said.

According Mvula, Malawians may continue suffering because of this leadership which is proving to be clueless.

President of Umodzi party John Chisi also told a local radio on Thursday that Mutharika’s national address when opening the ongoing parliamentary session was empty and has no direction for Malawi.

He said the address failed to provide solutions to problems Malawians are currently sailing through.

“He didn’t speak about solutions to the closure of universities in the country. He also missed about solutions to blackouts and water problems Malawians are facing,” he said.

According to Chisi, Mutharika seem to have forgotten his responsibility as a leader hence Malawians must brace for more trouble.

“How could his administration just be hiking things like maize while most Malawians can’t afford to buy the same at such prices?
“How can he fail to provide solutions to the frequent closure of universities in the country? I see more trouble ahead for our countrymen,” said Chisi.



  1. I wonder how does someone analyze that somebody has run out of ideas, can’t we have enough Faith for our leaders, becoz no matter what we say he is still the President and we just have to accept it, and move forward in working for our families,

  2. He has never had ideas.He is natually dull. He failed to perform as minister and you expect him to perform as president ? no ways. Peter has no skills of Leadership,.He certified that he is not a solution to malawi problems,why do we keep him ? We voted for a mistake and that is a Fact. Ask him when will he tell the Voters about the 577bn dpp cashgate ?

  3. Penapake mantha athuso ndi omwe amatipweteketsa! Ngati munthu akulephera kuyendetsa dziko pali chifukwa chanji choti akhalire pampando? Vuto ndi loti amalawi timasiilana zinthu. Wina akayambitsa zochotsa pulezident pampando,timamusiila yekha mmalo moti tikhalire limodzi. Chomwe timadziwa ndi kumangotukwana pa fb basi. Timangotayapo nthawi yathu mkudandaula kapena kutukwana pa fb chifukwa izi sizingasinthe malawi. Tilira zenizeni apa mpang’ono!! Tikamangoti zonse akudziwa ndi Mulungu tili gadaaaa atimenyera bwanji nkhondo? Kodi mulimi angakolole asanalime? Mulenje angaphe nyama asanakasake? Nanga inuyo mungapeze chakudya mutangokhala? Mungapeze chuma popanda kugwira ntchito? Nanga za kusayendetsa bwino dziko kwa pulesident zingathe popanda kuchitapo kanthu? Tikuyenera kuyamba nkhondoyi ndife ndipo ndi mphamvu yake ya Mulungu tidzagonjetsa!

  4. Kkkkkk tisayiware DPP iri m’boma tinachita kuyichotsamo kamba kautsogoreri wosakhara bwino nkuyesa PP.Atatibera ma billion amayi ife tivekere amayi ayi.Nthawi yachisankho kwanani nkumapezeka kt aja tidawathangitsa m’bomawa apambana.Chilungamo chidaripo apa?(YANKHO NDI AYI) Kd mnchifukwa chn Atupere Muluzi pano ndi nduna yaboma komaxo yemwe adzakhare Vice president wa DPP 2019?Tidzifuse mofatsa chilipo chinachake.A tcheya muripo?2019 mubwerezaso zija mudapangazi kt amalawife tizidzazuzikaxo?

    1. Kkkkk, koma abale amai anakubelani ma billion kapena amai ndiomwe anagwila mbava za dpp zomwe zakhala zikuba ndalama kuyambila munthawi ya late bingu?? kodi 5.77 billion inabedwa muulamulilo wa late bingu mumaidziwa?? kodi chimene chinapangitsa ma bungwe ndi maiko othandiza malawi aisale malawi nthawi ya late bingu ndi chiyani?? pls musamaone pamene mwagela mudziona mwakhumudwila kaye.

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  6. I am pleading with the President to arrange for a trip to Likoma and Chizumulu…..and should travel on a small boat called Lamani. May be only then, he will be able to see for himself, and taste the hair raising challenges these fellow Malawians face when travelling to the mainland for supplies. By the way, I hear that the shipyard company which built Ilala closed down long time ago hence most of the spares used on it are modifications.
    I believe we have built good relationship with countries like Japan, USA and China. If approached, surely they can help us with at least a second hand but more reliable ship than Ilala. May GOD instil in us a heart of compassion so that every Malawian can be a blessing unto the other!

  7. Peter sleeps on a bad dream of hopes ever since came into power. He will die out of doing no analysis of his own. Easy come, tough making ideas, and die useless. That’s Peters category…

  8. Mbava uyu sazamva he don’t care about malawians hence stupid people will vote him to power again I wish someone should takeover we can’t keep on going on like this, bwana munalumbira kuti muzagwira ntchito ndi mtima wanu onse koma apapa you have turned against us,time will come nanuso muzapita kunja kufuna asylum seekers kuthawa milandu

    1. More especially Dr Lazalous Chakwera.sakutha tchito yake ya opposition kuchuluka kutuluka mu parliament maro mokhala kutsutsa ngati bwana Tembo

  9. Aaah, “grass is always green to the other side of the fance” We r always thankful when we hav ashare from cashgate. Tadzangoimirani 2019 inuyo mwina angazakukonden anthu.

  10. So what do you want us to do?Those are lies,when comentators dnt get anything from govt to silence them they owez come with ideas to inflict anger into citizens.Every one here knows how tough things are currently we need not to be told what to do.If there are solutions bring them forward to change the state of affairs.Its nt an issue of wakanika wakanika ,koma tichite chan tikonze zinthu…

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  12. There is no other way into leading this country except through democratic elections;which are a collection of individual decisions of malawians through the ballot box. this means;if more people don’t vote for you; you don’t win. YOU MISINFORMED CRITICS (who afteral are the minority, who never voted for the incumbent;but the losers), You seem either chose to deliberately forget facts. Our MALAWI constitution stipulates that : “only one person shall lead at any particular time for a period of five years with a two consecutive term limit, and that such a person should command the highest popularity among those voting; in an election.” Malawians put President Professor Arthur Peter Muthalika ,the Vice President Dr Klaus Chilima and the briliant and compatible dpp crew in the cockpit,to lead. Malawians put the opposition where they equally belong. It was not out of luck,it was meant to be. some of you are merely suffering from arrogance of ignorance and feel good when volunteering to fight good ideas.

  13. Any fool can criticize,condemn,and complain,most fools do. It is anachronic to anticipate WHY take so long to confirm election defeat ? You and your sponsors, who ceased to function, are collectively busy expecting credit for doing nothing but attempting to distract government progress. You are blindfolding yourselves to reality. Provoking the president does not in anyway improve your insignificance in governing a country; at all.Governing is not reading verses or calculus with a given formula to punch on a laptop. Be sincere to yourself, don’t over estimate your political party leader’s reasoning ability. Only him knows how inferior he is to the incumbent. Tell that analyst to analyse what make his belly look the way it looks.

  14. political analysists have done nothing. . they r useless… the guy is gud n he has the best plans for our nation… only prats will say that… why seeking attention. …. no wonder most programs in our universities r useless. …… I don’t know how to say it… their scrotum have to be removed. … so u want him to tell u plans on how to run ur families,?? a Tumbuka ndinu mbuxi za anthu… chakwera mukuona ngti akwanitsa? kukhala waku mpoto n ndi central region ndi tchimo lalikulu hvy…..

    1. Raymond Chimbala, yo surname say it all that u are chimbala chadzulo. Instead of giving facts, u are just insulting a tribe. What have tumbuka tribe done to u? How do they connect to the story. Of cause he is a president(a public servant). So those private plans is going to be used in Ndata private home. Just shows how stupid u are. What is the manifesto he is aiming to give hope Malawians? Why making it private when it is going to benefit public? For your own information. In Malawi the most educated tribe is Tumbuka. That wil never change u like it or not. Now u have failed all u want is to blame a tribe. We are now in this shit becoz of yo tribe which dont want to accept failure but shifting blame. Eat shut up if u dont know.

    2. chimbala chindele chakufikapo no any idea raised here only hatred no wonder the lomwes are the only tribe where obscene language is part of your culture

  15. Who is this commentator? If he knew something wy dont u come forward and say something,nobody on earth can run out of idea.zakuvuta ndiwe ife tilibe problem.

    1. He is Mr Know everything. If u come foward with good ideas he wil manufacture charges against u and put u in jail. What kind of leadership is that. First time in history to have in this kind of trouble.

    2. Dikie ine ndiosaoneka bwino koma ican tel u dat mavuto amene unenao ine ndi history padakalipano ndingomvela sound,iwe uzichedwa ndikudandaula mavuto aku malawi choncho.

  16. He is a big shame to PhD holders. A wasteful and improvident leader of our republic. A man no one can choose! Let him look up where God is dwelling wisdom may certainly come. But i know he can’t do that either!

  17. Daniel 2:44 44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

    1. JB had one or two hastily made plans, coz she wasn’t prepared to become president overnight.But here is a feminine who turned things arround within hundred days of his stay in office.

  18. When you drunk beer more than yu drunk yu end up KULEDZERA… ngat zinthu zavuta akagone adzutse Anzao ndipo poto wobokwoka sitiphitsila TEA ma Policy ake SALIKHENGE….

  19. No need to warn us, those who eyes are seeing and those who have ears are listening..we made a grave mistek by voting for government of crooks.

  20. He is a failure worst President Malawi has ever produced and probably will ever produce. He is full of avoiding issues instead of confronting them; look at the energy sector (ESCOM) crippling the economy, Public universities in a mess, Reforms my foot I though the reforms were meant to correct inappropriate allocation of Human resources we are still having people with Education degrees ku city as town planners. Reforms is a joke.

  21. Ku malawi ndimadabwa nako zinthu zikamayenda bwino palibe amatuluka ndikuyamikila boma koma zikavuta nde aliyense amatha kulankhula tiyeni tione mmbuyomu Bingu anayesetsa ku nkhani ya njala ma economists anamudzudzula koopsa kuti akuwononga ndalama pano njala ndi imeneyi olo zogawa feterza zilipobe koma kunabwera nyengo yoyipa nzonse nkusokonekera pano aliyense akangokhuta basi kutukwana president kaya nde amene adzayendetse boma bwino ndani tiwone achakwera akadzalowa m boma paja amati dziko lidzasintha pompopompo

    1. Owe Ndi chitsilu kwambili.Binge aliyense anamuyamikila first term.Second term anapeza adona amayamba mwano nkana anthu anapanga protest.

    2. Chakwera amaona ngati azayendesa dziko ngati Mulungu kumangolamula kuti njala ithe basi nthawi yomweyo njala kutha kkkkkkkk akuyesa ndalama zizizangogwa kumwamba mbuzi ya munthu Chakwera

    3. Kt Dpp Ipeze Malo M’boma Nchifukwa Choti Anthu Adakhutira Ndiulamuliro Wa Bingu Pa First Term,koma Kudali Chikondwelero Bingu Atafa Mu Second Term Chifukwa Choti Bingu Sankalamulira Bwino Panthawiyo,ndye Anthu Akamalankhula Muziwamvetsa

    4. Takuvani Man Apa Nkhan Siya chakwera, Ayi Tiyenera Kuvetsetsa Ndi Kuvomeleza Kut Zith Sizkuyenda Bwino {mwachitsaz Kod Ndi Athu Angat Pa Ola,patsiku,pasabata nd pamwenzi Amakhala Akunena Kut Dziko Silikuyenda Bwino.Apat Za Chidzwikile Kut Malaw Ndi Dziko Lopanda Chiyembekezo Kod Tinene Kut Anthu Onsewa, AdAyankhula,akuyankhula,adzayankhule Mitu Yawo Simagwila Never Pat Bi Ndip Pali Minga Amalawi Adzakhala Akuyankhula Mpakanaaa. Koma Zomakamba Za Wina Mkusowa Fundo,panthaw Yomwe Herode Amalamuli Yesu Pathawi Imeney Sankakhulupiridwa Ku Anthu Ena Koma Pachimalizilo Yesu Anadziwka kut Ndye Mpulumutsi Ndiye Mudzaziona Nyozan, Tukwanan Koma Nthawi Ina Tsiku Lina, Mmawa Wina Owk.

    5. A chakwela ndi one akadzangoiphula,njala yatha,magetsi kuyaka,ndalama pomwepo mthumba la anthu chilichonse miracle readership…Malawi.

    6. @makwacha don’t think kut tikawachotsa pampando 2019 ubale wanu utha. Still mukhala mukumayendelanabe but all what we need achoke

  22. This coming election I will vote Jb because I can see that Apm or Chakwera are men without substance. Under pitara our children’s rights to education is violated he is slowly killing their future. Chakwera is enjoying saraly too quite only Kamulepu has stand on behalf of voiceless of voiceless malawians. Jb has love for the country she deserves my vote if she will stand again

    1. Fighting with who Martin? Jb is free to stay anywhere she is not a member of parliament. You wanted she should stay jobless? Maybe you should talk or reply to egnorants

  23. Osati president yekha Komanso nduna wachiwiri wake ma mp ndi chipani chonse chifukwa izi zikapitilira anthu ayamba kulozana dzala ndibwino parliament, judiciary Komanso amipingo apeze njira mwachangu kapena chipani cha dpp ndibwere poyera kuti zinthu zawavuta olamuliro wa democracy kuyambira pachiyambi miyoyo ya a Malawi ambiri omwe ndiokhulupiika chifukwa choopa Mulungu koma iwo ankhaza, kuba ndiomwe anapindula kwambiri ndi chifukwa ukupita uku ndi uku kom nthawi ndiye yawathera

    1. For sure zoti kukhala njala wina aliyense anadziwa but am telling you wina from January amangokhala pwhiii manja lende olo ulimi othilira osalima kumangolezera daily kudikira boma

  24. #hashtag_ndinamva_kanyamakazi_pang’ono kma pano ndili bwino moti in two weeks time ndiyaitana a boxer aja aaah a chilemba ku state house kut tizachite boxing ehee! !!!! I smell more trouble ahead

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