2 December 2016 Last updated at: 10:19 AM

Commentators warn of more trouble ahead for Malawians: Mutharika branded clueless leader

Political commentators have warned that Malawians may face more trouble ahead, saying President Peter Mutharika seem to have run out of ideas.

One of the country’s political analysts Humphreys Mvula, who served in various positions during Bakili Muluzi regime, branded the Mutharika led government as very dangerous to Malawians.

He said the leadership of Mutharika is surrounded by people who are selfish and careless about the majority of Malawians who are poor.

“It’s very unfortunate that things are worsening almost each and every day in all sectors. You tend to ask yourself if the president is at all aware of the situation,” he said.

According Mvula, Malawians may continue suffering because of this leadership which is proving to be clueless.

President of Umodzi party John Chisi also told a local radio on Thursday that Mutharika’s national address when opening the ongoing parliamentary session was empty and has no direction for Malawi.

He said the address failed to provide solutions to problems Malawians are currently sailing through.

“He didn’t speak about solutions to the closure of universities in the country. He also missed about solutions to blackouts and water problems Malawians are facing,” he said.

According to Chisi, Mutharika seem to have forgotten his responsibility as a leader hence Malawians must brace for more trouble.

“How could his administration just be hiking things like maize while most Malawians can’t afford to buy the same at such prices?
“How can he fail to provide solutions to the frequent closure of universities in the country? I see more trouble ahead for our countrymen,” said Chisi.

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