Malawi Hunger: Zambia maize start arriving in Admarc depots


The first two consignments of maize earmarked for sale in Admarc depots as part of the food insecurity response plan have arrived in the country.

According to Admarc Chief Executive Officer Foster Mulumbe, government procured a total of 100,000 metric tons of maize which will be distributed in the northern and central regions.

Malawi hunger situation worsening.

“The first consignment of 320 metric tons arrived on Saturday and today we are receiving a second consignment of 420 metric tons. Another 25 to 30 trucks are on their way.

“We will make sure that the whole consignment arrives in Malawi quickly but we are not panicking because all our warehouses across the country are full of maize procured locally and what we are bringing in right now is additional stock just so that we should be prepared,” Mulumbe.

He said the maize is mainly being transported by Zambian transporters but Admarc is negotiating with the suppliers to ensure that Malawian transporters are involved.

The Admarc CEO confirmed Monday that the other 100, 000 metric tons of Malawi’s staple grain will be arriving in the country very soon from Romania to add on the 105,000 metric tons procured locally.


“Half of the maize from Romania will be offloaded in Liwonde and be used in the Eastern Region while the other half will be delivered to Limbe depot, earmarked for Admarc Markets in the Southern region,” Mulumbe said.

He said the corporation is expected to have 300, 000 metric tons of maize grain in stock across the country when the full consignments from Zambia and Romania arrive.

Addressing the nation last week, President Peter Mutharika said the country has sufficient grain for both humanitarian response purposes and commercial purposes.

“Government, in collaboration with humanitarian partners, developed the 2016/2017 Food Insecurity Response Plan to guide the response program. The response is in two modalities: in-kind food transfer, targeting 4.7 million people and cash transfers, targeting 1.7 million people.

“Government, using its own resources and support from partners, has sourced a total of 276,742 metric tons of humanitarian relief maize that will cater for all the food insecure people needing humanitarian food assistance,” Mutharika said.

Malawi is experiencing its worst food insecurity crisis in over a decade with 8.4 million people affected and 6.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.



  1. Mukamalakhula mudzi ganiza moyo olandila chakudya udayamba inuyo musanabadwe komaso si malawi yokha yomwe imapeleka za ulele ai or maiko ena

  2. DPP woyeee,madazi anu kulephera kupeza njila zothesela njala.tipulumukila waneba.last year timadya ufa from there chaka chinoso abale.shame to malawi government

  3. kkkkkkk ndizonyadira zimenezi?Osadzivera chisoni bwanji?Zowona kufika pomagura chimanga ku Zambia ngt kt mitsinje tiribe muno?NTHAWI INA IRIYOSE NDIKUNYAMUKA KUKATCHONA KUNJA KUCHOKA KUNJAKO NDIDZAFIKIRA KUKHARA PRESIDENT WA DZIKO LINO.Bora ndidzanyambititse atidye nawo mabazi.

  4. Poor Malawi!!It Is The Only Country With Full Of Fresh Water In The Whole Of Africa And Yet Hunger Is Our Worst Nightmare,,,,shame On Us,,

  5. Bt u have to decrease the price plz. Do u think poor people can afford to buy the given amount? A family of ten can’t afford to buy a 50 kg bag every three days by the given price never, at least u could reduce a little bit. Am over the moon for your stocking thanks

  6. what’s the use of that maize if it cannot be sold to the public. Self centered leaders, with no feelings for the public

  7. Amalawi kupusa mchifukwa chake timangodalira thandizo tikumakanika kupanga ulim wathilira kumadalila thandizo dzikolathu silidzalemela chifukwa chamoyo odalira, zandikhudza athu kumanyadila atigawiwila m’mela.

  8. Malawi is in the same geographical area with Zambia similar rainfall pattern i can say let’s take farming seriously and FISP system follow what our friends are doing in Zambia zinazi chitakoni copyright please!! UKAWALALA AI.

  9. Let’s prepare to fail again this coming farming season when we have the same rain pattern with Zambia.From Lilongwe to Lusaka it rained the same in the past season of farming

  10. Am confused government and partners donors give money to feed Malawians but Admarc is selling at 250kg,

    Last week it was admarc has secured a loan to by maize,

    Will we ever know the truth or is this a way for government to earn money on the backs of the poor which the donors trusted the government to feed the poor,

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