By November 29, 2016

…only Mike Mkwate spared

Mkwate remains in the squad.

Mkwate remains in the squad.

Six of the Seven Super League over aged players who were with the Flames Under 20 National Football Team in readiness for the upcoming Cosafa Under 20 championship have been sent packing by head coach Gerald Phiri, Malawi24 can reveal.

Silver Strikers duo of Levison Maganizo and Mark Fodya, Azam Tigers shot-stopper William Thole, Premier Bet Wizards’ duo of Trevor Kalema and Patrick Phiri have all been released by Phiri.

The only player to have escaped the chop is Nyasa Big Bullets midfielder Mike Mkwate. According to information at hand, members from the National Youth Committee had ealrier on agreed to confront Football Association of Malawi (FAM) on age cheating especially by players from the Super League teams.

It was understood that NYFC met Phiri last week where he agreed to release all over aged players before coming up with the final list.

Malawi will play Zambia and Zimbabwe in Group B of the tournament.


  1. nothing to say eee,inetu ndi mmalawi basi.kumangotha misonkho yathu basi .mukakangoluza mukakhale komweko mwamva!

  2. Kakakakaa tiwana dalaa!!!

  3. 4 those remain in a camp show mi your original birth certificate.

  4. Atengenso kamwana kaku B4ward ka Kamwendo.

  5. Frankly speaking ‘if Mike Mkwate is a Malawian,then he is also above 20 believe me’.

  6. ngat moyowake ndiumenewo its better angosia zinthuzamuvuta coch

  7. ngat moyowake ndiumenewo its better angosia zinthuzamuvuta

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  9. Fred Kauwa says:

    zachibwana bas naga mumawayitana masikuoseaja mwawonakuti masiku akuyandikil ndipamene mukuwachos zimenezo ndizichan schinyeg

  10. I think atengeko kamwana kaja mumati Fisher kondowe kaku NBB

  11. I hope Gregory Nachipo from Blue Eagles is one of the lucky players who are choosen to play in under 20, the likes of Boston Kabango and Colings Nkhulambe!

  12. Malawi siyampira imangozikakamiza

  13. Zovuta kuvetsetsa cifukwa player amantchuka zaka 18 atadutsa late

  14. nkhalamba zopinimbila!!

  15. munthu ndiwe jita wa zaka 40 still playing under 20???hahaha anyway, mwachidule tingoti team yonse ya frames under 20 as of now no one is below the age of 20,muli mkhalamba zokhazokha.20 year old boys are busy smoking marijuana m’makwalalamu.

  16. Thank you so much„ and let me congratulate you Mr G Phiri let others learn from you coz this will give a chance to those who deserve it.

  17. cheaters prayer,oh GOD dont let me caught.

  18. Eish!ku junior flames kwabwera coaching panel ya serious et!ndani magaye amenewa?

  19. Nanga national team calling amaitanizana ngati ku jando or kuchinganga cha mowa, zopusa basi…

  20. It happens in football everywhere. Ask Chelsea about Costa

  21. Cheating does not pay, but sometimes it pays according to the way u have cheated

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