MESN blames politicians over low voter turn out

Stevie Duwa

The Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) has blamed politicians over voter apathy in the country arguing that they betray voters once elected in power.

The development follows low turn up of voters in the November 2016 by by-election conducted in Mchinji-west constituency,Bunda ,Kaliyeka ,Bembeke and Sadzi wards on Tuesday this week.

During announcement of official results for the polls,Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Justice Jean Ansah disclosed that 25 percent of people in the areas where held showed up for the voting process. Ansah further called for need of having a research in addressing the challenge of voter apathy.

Stevie Duwa
Duwa: Low voter turn out is a matter of concern.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, MESN chairperson Steven Duwa blamed politicians for the low turn up of voters in the country arguing that those elected are not delivering to the people’s expectations.

“We should not look in Isolation once people have voted someone in power whether he or she delivers to people’s expectation,when we look around we will see that people have lost trust in voting for people but as a country we really need to address the voter apathy by having call provision that these people should be held accountable” said Duwa.

Duwa further expressed worry over the voter apathy saying the trend seems to mock Democratic system in the country.

“One would wonder why money could be realized and only a few are to participate in the voting process” he added.

For while politicians have been blamed for betraying voters once elected into positions as they fail to complement what they promise during campaign.



  1. Anthu angapite bwanji ko ka voter pamene aliyese akudziwa kuti kuli mbava za DPP inuyo a MESN ntchito yanu ndichiyani. This fault is not for politicians but you and MEC. Mukuwononga chikhulupiriro chathu pa anthu andale.

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