Man drinks himself to death


A 32 year-old man in Nkhotakota district has died after taking too much Kachasu on an empty stomach.

Nkhotakota Police Public Relations Officer Sub Inspector Williams Kaponda has identified the deceased as Justin Malenga who died in the evening of Sunday.


Kachasu claims a life.

According Kaponda, late Malenga was a well-known Kachasu addict in the village.

“On the fateful day, the deceased was seen drinking Kachasu beer and all of a sudden he fell down and was instantly rushed to Nkhotakota district hospital,” said Kaponda.

Upon arrival at the hospital, doctors pronounced him dead and postmortem showed that he died due to excessive beer drinking on empty stomach.

Meanwhile police in Nkhotakota are appealing to the general public to stop the tendency of drinking Kachasu on empty stomach to avoid similar incidents.

The deceased hailed from Malenga village, Senior Chief Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota district.



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  2. akanasungunula ndi frozy sakanafa mwina mangopeza Fanta ndi koko chifukwa cha expensive that’s why amangomwa osasungunula guyz tizimwa frozy.

  3. Aaaa wapitadi?? koma nayeso, mesa amati akukamwa pang’ono, kungoti basi poti tokoma sitikuti leke ndiye kumwelatu? azinzaketu anamwa pang’ono awa lero akumwaso pano

  4. Don’t blame Jada,its been there for like yonks,its these little kids who indulge themselves with drinking whatever comes thinking its a trend,let them drink their arses off,if they die that’s their problem, and stop blaming this on an empty stomach, this is not hunger just pure stupidity

  5. Medical personnels fear of being disciplined or fired. These pple are dying of hunger. They are taking beer on empty stomach because they dont have food. To make matters worse govt has hiked maize prices thereby making beer cheaper

  6. Ndimphamvu sanaike mabotolo amatchinga okha ndikamwa ku pipe nde steam yinali yoopsa,kupepera wayesa nzimbe wapadwangwa umenewo wapitiratu ndizochimwa zako kwa Mulungu

  7. Guys please do a qualintantive a research before posting these stuff
    These guys are dying of charger or shooter made from enthanol, few are dying from our local beer kachasu….kkkk

  8. Wafa Ndi Misozi Ya Farao/kachasu Kkkk Ndiye Bola Akadamwa Frozy.I Think Wafa Ndi Njala Osati Kachasu. Kachasu Adangootcha Njala Ndiye Matumbo Adasowa Chochita Kkk

  9. People have money to buy Kachaso and drink up to the extent of death ….but they don’t have food….who is to blame…the government or the people themselves?

    • This is good news to the world and sad news to our Gods kingdom ….cause wamwalila asanalape uyu…..komabe wachita bwino akapume ku ma sacheti

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