Ill health reports have not ruined media’s relationship with Mutharika – MCM


The Media Council of Malawi (MCM) says it believes that the media in the country will still have a good relationship with President Peter Mutharika even though the Malawi leader accused journalists of exaggerating reports of his condition.

MCM executive director Vales Machila made the remarks in reaction to the president’s statement on Friday.

At the briefing, Mutharika also asked the media to respect him if he is to work with them.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika – The media reported on his feared ill health.

“I’m ready to work with the media but I need some respect. Time has come for you to start good reporting. We should have mutual respect. We are supposed to have decency and we can together. Let us have respect,” Mutharika said.

But Machila said he believes that Mutharika made the statement out of anger.

According to him, it is not possible to avoid   journalists in the country.

“I strongly believe that the president brought forward the statement out of anger and l truly believe that our relationship with him will continue to be good,” he said.

He however acknowledged that the president is an individual who reacts to things according to how he understands them.



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    • Zinthu kuti zitheke ndi ndrama ndi process,iwo mmene ankapitamo boma analiuza?Chirichonse musamangoti boma,tiziyang’anaso mbali yathu ngati mzika

    • Anthuwo anachita kutengedwa ndi munthu waku mw kuti kuli ntchito,ndiye iwo anapita malingana ndi dziko lanulo m’mene lilili koma kazembe wa mw kuwait anawaudza anthuwo kuti boma lilibe ndram.My point iz sibwino kunena chinthu aludziwa kuti sakwanitsa zikomo

  2. Where were you MCM when all these lies escalated? Did you notice those rumors being lies? if not so why do you exist? if you knew why didn’t you issue a statement? So why are sure in your proposition that the relationship is good? You seem not working on issues but assumptions and imaginations.

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