Goodbye blackouts? New electricity company registered in Malawi


Amid continuing blackouts in the country, government has now registered a new energy company which will be generating power in Malawi.

According to Minister of Energy, Mining and Natural Resources Bright Msaka the new company is EGN co.

Msaka said the company will be producing electricity while Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) will just be buying the energy from EGN co for distribution to consumers.

Bright Msaka
Has confirmed the news: Msaka

“We have now incorporated a new power producing company called EGN co. It is now an independent company of the mainstream Escom.”

“The company will be responsible for production issues and it will be in charge of Nkula, Tedzani, Kapichira falls plus other smaller installations,” said Msaka.

The minister added that EGN co will also continue introducing new projects of power generation with the aim of reducing blackouts.

The development comes months after Parliament passed an electricity amendment bill aimed at bringing more players into the power sector by reducing the roles of Escom.

After the unbundling is complete, Escom will only be responsible for buying of electricity from private companies, as well as transportation and distribution of the power to all parts of the country.

Government hopes the unbundling of the electricity supplier will reduce blackouts in the country.



  1. Kuombera mmanja zinthu zoti sisanachitike. Politics at its best. And wat makes u think blackouts will be over? Wait n witness. Its the government policies that
    cause these blackouts….be critical osamangoombera mmanja

  2. mulungu atichitile chifundo mpaka zitheke ndithu tizayambe kugwilitsatso ntchito magetsi amenewo bola zisathere panjira like Nsanje inland port! GUD LUCK MALAWI

    1. what they are saying is that escom was generating distributing and selling. Now the new company will inherit nkula, tedzani and all other stations, and even other projects that were in escoms plans, and other new projects that may be decided in the future.
      Its exactly the same only that the stakes have been widened. Also its possible that efficiency will increase. If silly politics and business gluttony is not involved, it may be of benefit but if its what we have seen in the past, then its another disastor pending

  3. Is too early to say goodbye!…ndinamva kut agula ndi a China,they wants to make profit, profits mayb I shld say.

  4. Wait a minute, a new electricity company? Ok, who owns this company? So they are taking over the power stations, have they bought them or simply taking over? How much have we sold the power stations? Was this law made in parliament? Now what is it that this company will do to turn around things that government failed to do? I wish the minister could answer these questions. Otherwise, I suspect politicians are behind the ownership of this company and it’s business as usual. When the US wanted to invade the middle east, they knew there would be some questions and heavy resistance from citizens. So they had to inflict pain and terror through the September 11 attack, blaming someone and within hours laws were signed to justify their invasion. Nobody asked questions and nobody resisted. I smell the same strategy has been effected here. Giving us the worse blackouts scenario in history, so we feel the pain and hate Escom in the process, then a private company is introduced so we ask no questions as their actions appear justified, hence no one to resist, procedures being flouted in the process, but no one gives a damn either, a company owned by politicians, or politicians benefiting a lot from the process, as money exchange hands…

    1. This could be very true. I want to ask what changed when Joice took over government that got rid of the black outs? and what changed again when Peter rose to power to retain blackouts?
      There must be sense in what you are suggesting.

  5. Smoke and mirrors, nothing will change without investment and investment won’t come till they agree the price for purchasing from suppliers. Same old government bullshit

  6. Perhaps i wll cormfort the lost hope of Malawians.ts high time goverment should open doors to foreigh inverstors tu inverst in our poor countrie..if it is true bravol tu goverment

  7. the solution is not unbundlind damment!! why cant they jst came with a gud strategy and bring in capable and innovative work force to deal wit dis damm black-outs??????!

  8. Let’s hope they will be innovative to never rely on water as means of generating power only but also other means….#tiredofbkackouts..

  9. Magetsi adzakwera mtengo kwambiri, “Kukama Yowonda” The same plants run by ESCOM to be run by another company so called EGC and ESCOM will transport and distribute, that is a blue lie and both companies will want to make profit from the same source that ESCOM has goofed,I dont see any seriousness in it. This means that there is still one company in this country that will produce electricity so production will be the same and wagebill for two companies ie the producer and the transporter will automatically rise. I thought it is another company that will produce, transport and distribute so that there must be a competetion in the quality and quantity of services provided, but putting two masters on top of the peanuts we are already getting is unrealistic, if ESCOM has failed it must completely surrender the services to another company and see if it will make it. The funny thing is that the blackouts shall continue while Malawian are paying the two expensively and have everything failed. Two different companies requierd without connection each running independently from the other NOT one produces and the other transports NO.

  10. I’m having two different thoughtsof minds; a trust of doubt and benefit of doubt.Rebranding;renaming a company full of very incompetent;unskilled workforce won’t change anything.

  11. ndiye zopusa zimenezo a EGN apange ma power generation stations awo osati a escom coz sizisintha kanthu angofuna potiberapo apa basi tionana mu 2019 anthu oyipa inu a DPP komamso akuba Mulungu akuwona ndipo akukanthani pompano

  12. Renaming a department in the Escom as a company is not a solution..the solution is capability,efficiency,and investment.Even if a section was to be maintained within Escom but given the necessities.

  13. Kale zonsezi za vuto lamagetsi kunalibe kodi chifukwa chani vutoli lilipo pano? chomwe chapangitsa Escom kukanika kukwaniritsa zolinga zake ndi chani? if we dont address the cause for Escom to fail to progress then even EGN will be the same. why now all govt companies are a flop?

  14. What does EGN mean? Is it a local or foreign company. What a prompt announcement! For so long long we’ve heard about some coal fired plants to be built by China. While we are waiting for that, you are telling us that you registered a new one.

  15. Kodi mphamvu ya magetsi imangopezeka ku nkula,Tedzani,kapichila or wovwe basi.Chofunika apa ndi kuika ma transmiting station ambiri.Si zongochulutsa malo olipililamo ma bill.Apeze malo awo opangila mphamvu, zomwezi mpakan a ALLIANCE,kkk!

  16. its the same escom we know splited into two.just the same old song

  17. Koma athawatu..nanga mesa mumafuna muziwakwapuranso msonkho..mpakana muzigawana katikati ma profit? Boma loipa

  18. They want to divert public funds in a professional manner so that they won’t get involved in cashgate scandals.Bcoz there is nothing new here ESCOM’s blackouts were fake inorder to pave the way for this so called new compony but there will be tears in future for electricity bills will increase.

  19. the same machines at nkula,tedzani so whats new?have this new company installed new machines yet?if not then where will this company generate power?we are not blind.

  20. I don’t see logic and positivity in this!!! I foresee more trouble here. The problem was/is not unbundling…..solve the real problem government!!!!!

  21. This is the same company, same people. You can’t say it’s a new company. It’s the department that was doing generation of power. There will be no change.

  22. I dnt see any change ryt now I’m not working bcz of that electrity is not available…Ntchetera chabe Welder like me ndingaotcherere. Kugwritsa ntchit battery ??? Shame on Escom

  23. The Problem Is Not Yet Over, And U Say Goodbye Black Out, The Company Has Just Been Registered, No Work Done On The Ground, Use Better Headings,

  24. Read carefully guys, there t nothing new here, akuti ” the new company will t responsible for production issues at Nkula, Tedzani and Kapichila. This simply taking over production job from already existing escom stations. Don’t cheat people someone wants to do business with escom here

    1. it is different my dear…. it is the same system in Kenya… the new company will be responsible for generating power only. escom will never complain of zinyalala ku nkula

    2. Very good observation. The size of power production, outdated source of energy and old technology will exactly be the same as Escom so we shouldn’t expect miracles here.

  25. Unless the country production capacity increases expect no immediate

  26. My wish with fellow innocent Malawians has been heard.
    I would say right away now that Malawi is going to its rebirth of its developmental programmes of renewal.
    The remaining chapter now is rural Roads building construction company to come following A new Energy company.
    These two sectors really cost Malawi’s economy growth as foreign/ local investors desert Malawi and invest in neighbouring countries leaving Malawians flocking abroad.
    Malawi government must invest hard in these two sectors to retain hearts of those companies deserting Malawi black outs.

  27. But the problem there is an agreement that this company will sale Electricity to Escom in return Escom will sale it to consumers make it expensive.

  28. mesa mukutiso madzi ndiamene akuvuta nde compan yatsopanoyo madzi idziwatenga kuti? bodza lanulo bwanji mupusitse ena osati mmalawi iyai mmalawi pano anakuphunzirani. kuti ndinu odzaza ndi mabodza aboma inu..

  29. Aaaaaaaaah mmmmmm i doubt !! Icant believe and i will neva believe if this will happen!!!!we will just continue living in this country of blackout shit

  30. Comment reserved pending more info on the story bcoz this govt is led by pipi who shd be the last to be trusted sorely bcoz their dealings are always crooky.

    1. As I indicated the said company appears to be more ghostly than real. In fact its the same escom just split into two and the other given another name. They are even failing to disclose the owners of the said company. This might in the end be another form of cashgate

  31. Munayamba kutinyenga ndi nkhani ngati zimenezi ndikale, kutiona kumbwambwana eti? Ngati zili zoona bwanji osamasula abbreviation ya zinalo


  33. Zabodza izo, mukakhuta fanta wanuyo muzitiuza zopanda pakezo, makampan aboma onse adalowa ndale, iweso EGN ulowa ndale, zopusaaaaa…..

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