MESN applauds MEC for suspending bosses

Stevie Duwa

The Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) has commended commissioners for Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) for sending top bosses at the commission on forced leave following reports of financial mismanagement at the electoral body.

Speaking to members of the press on Tuesday in Blantyre, MESN board chairperson Stevie Duwa said the action will help the country to know the truth on the matter.

“By sending them it’s not that they are prime suspects but it’s because all that happened under their watch and they have something to explain, what is important is that they should understand why they have been sent on leave so that we can restore the pride of MEC.

Stevie Duwa
Stevie Duwa (C) speaking at the event.

“It was very embarrassing to some of us who travel to hear such stories from other countries that oh MEC this, MEC that, I can assure you that those stories were there on the international scene and it is a good move to have such action, if they come out clean that’s fine,” said Duwa.

He also urged MEC to consider having non-legislative electoral reforms that can help in improving the administration, management, and delivery of future general elections.

He added that the reforms do not require a review of electoral laws with some already in the guiding principles of MEC.

The non-legislative reforms include a change in delivery of election day materials, management and transmission of electoral results, implementation of voter registration, verification of voters and voter education and information.