‘No Minister stole money’ – Malawi Auditor general clears reports

Steven Kamphasa

There is no truth in reports that some Ministers were involved in the K236 billion theft at Capital Hill in Lilongwe, Auditor General Stephenson Kamphasa claims.

There were flying revelations that the initial 13 files of the K577 billion audit that the National Audit Office (Nao) has submitted to the ACB implicated some seven serving ministers.

Kamphasa told journalists that the 13 said files which according to some lawmakers contained names of the corrupt ministers, only has names of private companies and suppliers which his office has since given to the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).

According to the Auditor General not even any government office and official has been implicated in the files.

Steven Kamphasa
Steven Kamphasa says no Minsiters named in the files.

Kamphasa has since indicated that the out of the infamous K577 Billion loot, there could be other outcomes but was quick to say that his office is still basing the information on the 13 files which they have which ironically does not name any minister.

The Auditor General has since said that funds are coming in for the matter to be investigated.

This comes hot in the heels of a verbal war between President Peter Mutharika and  vice chairperson of Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee Kamlepo Kalua.

In his speech at the official opening of the Sugar factory in Salima on Monday, August 15 Mutharika said Kalua should submit the names of cabinet ministers who are said to have stolen money from the public purse within 24 hours.

However, this did not go well with Kalua who demanded Mutharika to name the ministers and fire them if he is really the state president.

Apart from being coy on the K577 Billion loot, Mutharika has been slammed for not firing the said seven ministers involved in the other scandal involving funds up to K266 Billion.



  1. Chibanzi at its Use, shaaaa, malawi waipa basi. No smoke without fire and I don’t think Kaluwa akukandila pa chabe, anyway Likomela Opata, oyimba anatero.

  2. Sopano ndalama anaba ndi amako pomwe ukuti hule kaliati ndi azake sanabe ndalama,samala ufa ngati galu mbendera chomwe uziwe ngatu bwapini wakudyesa chibasi samala sopano uwuze mtundu wamalawi kt anaba ndalama ndindani kapena ndi amako

  3. If dis is so den Kamlepo must produce his evidence 4 telling da Nation dat dare r some ministers who r involved in cashgate

  4. Kamphasa is shielding the 7 ministers. Perhaps under instructions from the citizen #1. Theft of public resources will never end in Malawi if govt and the president are shielding criminals.

  5. Nawenso Ukuchitira Umboni Wabodza Dziwa Kuti Masiku Ako Akuyandikira Pomwe Chilungamo Chidzakugwire Ndi Heart Attack, (Cardiac). Samalani Ndimulomo Wanuwo Bambo.

  6. Since the forensic report came out,over a half year now,what were they waiting for ,to let tax -payers know about it ? Malawians are owners of the country called malawi.Presidents,ministers,and MPs are employed to serve them.But Dpp govt is doing the opposite,Stealing and Lying .Why should they be in power ?

  7. Onse amene akukhalirana kumbuyowo ndi mbamva zokha zokha.kodi auditor ameneyo ndimayesa ali muboma ndiye anena chilungamo bwanji!

  8. God will punish this pple believe me if not them then who or your the one involved? Malawi cnt develop wth pple lyk u n office

  9. Even during J B era no ministers were mentioned or arrested so why do you to implicate other on issues which they never done? A malawi nsanje too much inu mungamamumvere uyu wa mogo wakumpotoyu ndani sadziwa kuti ndi wachamba

  10. Nosense…zachamba bax..Mulungu is our auditor we poor Malawians…such huge amount of moneys no big fish..aaah no,Shark is here guys so do not step in the waters with an open wound,u shall be attacked!..Malawi okomela mbanda..

  11. pano akuti ngati uli ndi munda uzidula m’sokho wapachaka cholinga chofuna kumangotibela mmmmmmmmm abale kukhala m’malawi ndikulimba mtimadi

  12. We all know that no dpp minister was involved in cashgate. Atumbuka ndi amene ali ndi vuto mmalawi muno mosogozedwa ndi munthu openga dzina lake kamlepo kalua. To hell wth them.

    1. Dziwako izi. Peter muthalika k240billion plus nyumba ku malawi housing. Bright msaka k36billion. Josephy mwanaveka 30%.goodle gondwe 50%. Geoge chaponda k70billion. Awa ndi ena mwa maina 7 akuba ndalama.

    2. see more stories, Your comments are indicating your stupidity. You are a purecow coz ur trying 2 divide people. you rinkled ur face coz of your foolishness. If your cross with this just go to Escom Transformer, and open the box, Hug and kiss the cables

    3. see more stories, Your comments are indicating your stupidity. You are a purecow coz ur trying 2 divide people. you rinkled ur face coz of your foolishness. If your cross with this just go to Escom Transformer, and open the box, Hug and kiss the cables

  13. He is also involved so how can he give the wanted names once he reveals that there was mr, mr, mrs and mrs so so so… then they are going to ask him that where is your name you yourself? His report is just to pleased these thieves that they are safe and he himself

  14. this man is protecting idiots who don’t feel sorry for de sufferers, pipo are crying and dying be coz of this so called blood suckers, comrade kamlepo know them even if this idiots hide them under the mat,amene kualoza anthu amenewa ndimpatsa munda azikalimamo chilungamo kuti tonse tikakololamo chilungamo kwa ena onse.#fuck politician.

  15. Where are the Auditors who carried out the Audit report? Why are they not coming out in the open and mention the culprits who embazzled our hard earned money? You can but you can’t hide oneday the truth shall be known. What I smell is that the Auditor General made the press conference due to political pressure. Remember the president was also a minister during the DPP regime.

  16. Ku Malawi ndi kwathu ife timakuziwa kuti wakuba amaoneka/amaziwika akakhala kuti waluza pa udindo wake ndiye ife tili pano pheeeeee kudikilira chilungamo chizaoneka.

  17. A auditor general sanalakwitse! yaaa! amene akudziwa nduna 7 zokhudzidwazo aime poyera,atchule.kusiyana mkuti mudziti “nduna 7 azichotse” posatchula maina.bwelani poyera ndikutchula maina andunazo basi

  18. No matter how u may try, malawians will never know the truth no matter wat. Even if the opposition wins today,no minister will be prosecuted because all evidence will be deleted and its gonna be another fight in court one day while draining the taxpayers money at the same time derailing development,as it is happening now. So its useless to do that because remember the acb and auditor general said they could not relaese the names until they have to be advised by the ag. That is the democratic way of doing things,however if it wss under one party system they could have been behind bars. Thats the goodness with democracy. U have money, in a democratic dispenstion u have the world at ur feet

  19. U can’t mention them even every1 knows that some ministers were involved in that cashgate candal, Mr Steven Kamphasa that report isn’t from your office, its for DPP Memberz who is controling your office to hide the truth, and Mr Steven though u know the truth that some cabinet ministers were involved also, but U can’t tell us the truth, u are fear of loosing your job or demotion, everything will reveald when APM step down on that highest position, they is no secreat under the sun even if it means power!

  20. Malawians, I find the statement by Kamphasa ridiculous and strange. Kamlepo started talking about the 7 notorious ministers long time ago and Kamphasa remained quiet. Now that his top thug has barked, he has come out to make a clarification. Why didn’t he utter this nosense before? What was he afraid of? My guess is that he was afraid of making a contradicting statement. Koma tikukuonanitu.

  21. Chitsilu chimechi kuwopa kuphedwa kapena achidyesa banzi. Chikuyiwala Kuti ndalamazo ndimisonkho yazibale ake omwe alikumudzi, omwenso akusowa mankhwala akapita kuchipatala.

  22. If 7ministers are not involved,why are you not announcing the names of people involved in the scam?whether you like it or not the truth will be known one day

  23. Amene ali ndi nyimbo za Chisomo Golombe anditumizile pls. If you hav pls hit my inbox ndikupase # yanga. Yandalamayi nkhani yandikwana ,akuziwana.

  24. So this is the type of system ppo voted for in 94 ? Voting for multiparty+ corruption thinking that was the way to freedom. I used to think like that too. Chihana was a hero then but what has happened for the past 24yrs since democracy has left ppo staggering. But y malawians y

  25. People are not blind,turn side ways and sense what has just happened in SA and ZIM. If you like your position Mr President listen to your people not these calabashes.especially this one and fire those ministers who were involved in #Cashget_Scandal Otherwise 2019 #Ndata_Farm.

  26. Ndie kt udatenga ndiiweyo? Km kamphasa faz ikuyendera ndawala u pita uona amw ali ndi chidwi kuvesera mwachete iweyo ndie ukuti chani? Pasana pako ndi bwana wkyo

  27. Then which means the whole auditirial must be dismissed the don’t know their job including ur so called auditor general ur all failiers. You supposed to bring the reports from what you found after your investigation not what ur ministers who are in charge now have given you.

  28. I think the only way to go is to call the firm that carried out investigations to come and tell us the truth about their report. Otherwise tidanapo ndi zinthu zopanda umboni. Kamupani inapanga kafukufuku ija inalakwitsanso kupita without publishing the names of offenders. They carried out that investigation on behalf of malawians but half a year after the audit malawians hav no answers on what happened. Boma la Germany nalonso liyenera kuti lilowelerepo bcoz is the one that funded investigations. If there were conditions not to release names after investigations then the audit had no meaning at all.

  29. No political leader in government is arrested for doing any wrong going, arrests are warranted to other people only. Shielding is the nature of the day

  30. Come 2019 u are all kicked out u stupid thieves and we will prosecute u and put all thieves in jail throw the keys in the lake Malawi . You deserve to rot in jail with ur fuck***n president. BASTARDS

  31. But it’s really true , that the world favours those who favoured it . Iyi guys ndi game ya wachiona ndani , koma Mulungu akuona and one day is one day

  32. He can’t just speak the truth, otherwise he fears being butchered or kicked out of his office. He can not just tell us the truth because his position is a death trap. He can not open his mouth and speak because his mouth keys have been stored in the Pocket of someone bigger than him. He can’t honour you Malawians but honour his appointee. Even some of you people who say about this case, know that in Malawi such hidden cases are many but no one can just wake up and start investigations, otherwise you become a major loser at the end….. Kamlepo Kalua has of course challenged those who are good at murder to kill him but I know he is from Rumphi womuyandikira azaferana ndithu. So let’s sit back and watch as some intellectuals fight, mbuli zimangodikira kutola maliro ayemwe angathe kugonja pakufa msanga.

  33. inuso amalawi 24 musati namizepo apo coz masiku ano mwayamba knama,mnati namiza kut rambo wabwera kunu ku malawi siyinu?

  34. Hi hi hi hi hi hiiiiiiii kamlepo amene sakudziwa ndale yake ndiyimeneyo yongopeka zinthu….since 1994 he always register complains without evidence…all of us know that Govt money is really stolen by politician but we have no tangible evidence…all in all one day justice will prevail but don’t come out without evidence…

    1. There is no smoke without fire? Some says u raped a child,how true are these reports? Can we say “there is no smoke withou fire as u put it”? Do u know that we have some prisoners in our prisons who ase there but they are innocent? Bro,the beuty is in the hand of beholder,dont be deceived.get wise!

    2. Oh who are you defending here Steven Kamphasa or the ministers? or you’re campaigning to be given your own million? because i can see you are totally out of subject and what you must know is that, this is a political issue everyone tries to protect his own skin even if it means to cover up the truth. or you are the beneficiary of that stolen money?

    1. Komadi cardiac, kaya nayonso mwina anaipasa ka million kuti isamagwire ntchito kapena. Inatithandiza koma pano yangoti ziii.

  35. Once we found this 7Minsters u#stvn U’ll be also arested bcz uknw smtng as we all knw that Birds of the same feathers flock 2gether”usatipunsise iwe,n’we are Empowering #PETER 2continue ivestigating the matter,if #ZUMA ws found guilty while he is in power n’he is Supposed 2pay back the money what more our Ministers?DZUKA MALAWI DZUKA!

  36. There’s nothing less than be highly educated and at the end be a coward! Nde musiyana bwanji ndi omwe sanakwanitse kupeza ma PHD wo?

  37. Where were you when these rumors started circulating? Did you really seek legal opinion on releasing the names as was reported? By coming so late, you are giving us more doubt as to what is really the truth about this matter. Next time you learnt people must come in to clear the mist if your office is directly affected otherwise you lose credibility. You are holding these offices to protect poor Malawians and not otherwise

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