18 August 2016 Last updated at: 7:01 AM

Don’t name your dog Mutharika, you might be arrested

The naming of dogs is such a private affair but it appears in Africa it is not really a private affair and if one is not careful then they may end up in Prison.

A man in Nigeria is in custody after he named his dog Buhari, a name which corresponds with the name of the country’s President.

Joe Fortemose Chinakwe, a trader in Ogun state in Africa’s most populous country has been arrested for naming his dog Buhari, the Nigerian media has reported.


Man names a dog after Nigerian President and gets arrested.

Chinakwe was arrested after one of his neighbours of Northern extraction complained bitterly that he named his dog after his father, Alhaji Buhari.

According to the Nigerian media, Chinakwe told his friend to kill the dog and eat the meat as a way of getting rid of evidence in the case against him.

A relation to the suspect said Chinakwe was being persecuted for no just cause and expressed fears that he may either be poisoned inside police cell or thrown into jail.

Buhari also happens to be the name of the Nigerian President.

Although nobody has been arrested in Malawi for naming their dog a name similar to that of the President even if it is of another person’s grandparent, the Malawian law stipulates that an insult against the President should lead to an arrest.

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