Lives of Malawians to be transformed courtesy of Love Malawi festival

Evangelist Andrew Palau

Organisers of the long awaited Love Malawi Festival say they want to transform Malawi by changing the lives of individual Malawians.

Speaking at a press conference in Lilongwe, Evangelist Andrew Palau said they believe in systemic change and that Jesus Christ and his people make a difference in society.

“When God changed my life he gave me a purpose, a focus, an inner strength to do what I could not do on my own to really begin the change. It takes time but an individual can impact his family and families change neighbourhoods,” said Palau.

He also called on all people to attend the event over the weekend.

Evangelist Andrew Palau
Evangelist Andrew Palau says the festivals will transform Malawians.

“Our guest of honour is every single person out there who can come. Our purpose is to uplift Jesus and point the way to him that he want to have a relationship with you,” said Palau.

Speaking at the same function, Regional Evangelical Association Chairman Reverend Dr Chifungo said the country is experiencing malpractices like corruption, child abuse, human trafficking and not forgetting routine attacks against people with albinism hence there is need for divine intervention.

“Let’s ask Jesus to intervene in Malawi’s routine problems. We can use this event to change the country by asking Jesus since he is a great commissioner and he can release Malawi again,” said Chifungo.

On his part, Festival Coordinator Reverend Grey Mwalabu said that the Evangelical Association of Malawi can now confidently inform Malawians that the festival is on and they must come in large numbers to listen to the gospel, watch action sports and live singing by Don Moen and local gospel singers such as Faith Mussa, Great Angels Choir, Kamuzu Barracks Gospel Singers and Suffix.

“All equipment like motorbikes are in the country from South Africa and Malawians should flock in large numbers to Maula ground on 20-21 August since Evangelist Andrew Palau is ready to share a message of love and hope for Malawi,” said Mwalabu.

Love Malawi Festival which will take place in Lilongwe on 20-21 August is a significant festivals that involves 10 cities in Africa, a vision of International Evangelist Palau.

In the past Palau has hosted events in Cairo, Egypt; Kigali, Rwanda; Kampala, Uganda; Bujumbura, Burundi; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso.



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