BYG donates blood on Youth Day

Blantyre Youth Group

The Blantyre Youth Group (BYG) on Friday commemorated the International Youth Day in style by donating blood at Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) offices.

According to the Vice Chairperson of BYG Maggie Tamara Banda, the group thought it wise to donate blood at MBTS rather than commemorating the youth day doing nothing. Banda added that there are many patients in different hospitals who are in need of blood, so the group suggested to donate blood to help in saving lives.

“We are here today on International Youth Day at MBTS to donate blood. As Youths, we decided to take part in donating blood to help save lives of patients who are lacking blood in different Hospitals out there.

“We are young people and we have got energy plus our bodies are powerful, so we thought it was great to come donate blood and save lives.” Banda said.

Blantyre Youth Group
BYG members donating blood.

She added that young people should be involved in voluntary development works rather than just spending much time on social networks or doing things that are not productive.

“I am urging fellow youths out there to take part in voluntary activities like donating blood, because we don’t know who is going to benefit from this, it could be our parents, brothers and sisters or it could even be us one day lacking blood because nobody writes a date in the diary when he/she is going to get sick and need blood. So we should be showing good examples as leaders of tomorrow,” he said.

The Public Relations Officer for Malawi Blood Transfusion Services Allen Kaombe expressed gratitude to BYG for taking part in the blood collection session.

“We are greatly impressed with the support and enthusiasm from members of BYG who donated their blood. The “gift of life” which these young people donated went a long way in helping patients in need of blood in various hospitals in Malawi.” Explained Kaombe.

The blood donation comes after the group went to clean the vending place outside Blantyre market last week Saturday.

The Blantyre based youth group is also expected to go clean the Children’s ward at Queen Elizabeth Hospital soon.



  1. this is nyc coz we r helping our relativs,[email protected] my question is: in private hosptals where du they get blood?? coz blood donaz try there best to protect the life of those pipo hu nids blood,[email protected] its lyk the organisation(MBTs) is duing bisiness through blood wch is being collected from the donaz.

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