In Pictures: Malawi Police set fire to Chanco hostels


After protesting students from Chancellor College (Chanco) forced a convoy carrying the second lady of the United States, Malawi Police descended on the Campus to disperse the students.

According to our source on the ground, armed Police arrived at the University Campus for another round of run ins with the students.

The scene turned ugly with the Police firing teargas into the rooms of the students. The teargas canisters ended up setting ablaze to some student rooms.

Malawi Police sets ablaze University Student (6) Malawi Police sets ablaze University Student (5) Malawi Police sets ablaze University Student (4) Malawi Police sets ablaze University Student (2) Malawi Police sets ablaze University Student (1) Malawi Police sets ablaze University of Malawi Hostel






  1. Vuto atsogoleliwo alibe nanu ntchito chifukwa akudziwa kuti anabela chisankho simunawasankhe, wake up Malawi don’t allow a group of people to oppress the majority, kick those bullshit out of those seats and put the right people. Why allow a foreigner to rule the country? Who do not even know how to speak the mother language

  2. zitsilu mkona zimagona nyumba ya chipinda chimodzi mudzafa amphawidi aaaaah ndiye mukuoma ngati anthu ofuna kutukula dzikofe tikafikila kuti

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  4. They can arrest these students,close dwn chanco or evn burn down the hostels but they a forgetting that they can not arrest their brains burn down their brains or evn close their brains n thinking capacity…

  5. I think a Police ataona kuti ana ali mma hostel mwao amsowa chochita,,,nde poona kuti apepuka anangoyamba kuponyamo teargas,,,apa misonkho ndiye ikulat,,,,taganizani,,munthu umalandila 500,000,akudule nsonkho=150,000 ana awiri ali ku chanco,ulipireso

    • Nkuwona uli Chawinga. Unapitako nku college komwe mbuli iwe. Do you know kuti basi room yawotchedwayo sikonzedwanso kwa muyaya? if the govt cant even build a university …Mavwalo yako

  6. Mkakhala ine ndikudya zanga,ndilibe problem poti Ku UNIMA handikuziwa.School yanga ndadutsila mbali mwina.Msonkho adandwezera,Umakwana kulipila anthu ena awiri.So izo ZANU.

  7. Teargas in hostels? What for? Idont understand,where exactily were the demonstrations taking place?government should have responded through ministry officials by addressing the students

  8. We Are Living In Last Days Where Pipo Are Greedy…Selfish ….etc…..Open Yo eyes en ears brethren de bibles oledy prophesy abt dis daes….

  9. The police of today are belonging to the same family,gogo,father,children and grandchildren,the whole family agwanya. WHAT type of recruitment is Nyasaland having??

  10. Vuto lotenga ophunzira m’makolegi mwa zinyengo laonekera poyera.Ophunzira amenewa sakuziwa umwini wa kolegi.Nanga anzawo omwe anaphunzira pa kolegiyi akanaiononga iwo akanaipeza?Mbuli za ophunzira zimenezi zikuyenera zione nsana wa njira mnsangansanga.

  11. kodi demo imeneyi apanga mwadzidzi? bwanji akuluakulu amapanga zinthu moyesa? kufanana ndi maiko ena fizi anga mapezedwe andalama munafanananitsanso ngati simunatero kulakwa kwa ophunzirawo kulipati? one lives at $1.25 per day or less to compare to one lives at $4.50 or more per day mmmmm,,hhh m

  12. U student of nowadyz instead of working hard u ar busy wasting time for stupid demo who do u think wilt suffer u think being student ur above all??? bastad!!

  13. Things Fall Apart… Chinua Achebe.,……
    Cry My Beloved Country…..
    Nde dziko lake lootchera zinthulo likhale limenelolo….so sad indeed!!!! Anzanu maiko ena it doesnt take long for such things to be repaired…nde Malawi ndi mabvuto ogonerawo…mmmmmm God help us!!!!!!!

  14. Our children shall never be decision makers because we cannot manage paying school fees No access to higher learning for poor people.

  15. Police setting a blaze chanco! This incredible. That’s the problem of having a leader sworn in by a collective group of greedy and frabagasted judges in a hall kkkkkkkkk.

  16. That’s an aftermath of demonstrations.Who will suffer?The students are to suffer most in this situation. Doing things in the name of ufulu.hahahaaaaa.But without responsibility.

  17. Did you see them setting fire? If you have evidence be open we are trying to find the suspect who did that therefore Malawi 24 assist us plz

  18. Yes the students may be wrong but setting on fire the national treasures is treason. The hostels do not belong to students and they burning the very same amenities that will serve their own children pali unthu apa! I now quite agree with Shakespeare that when emotions are heated reasoning always lacks . If it’s true I’m very sad.

  19. boma lakumalawi ndilakumatako ine zoti kumalawi kuli boma ndimangomva coz zikuchitika kumeneko kudakakhalangati kuli boma bwezi litakoza mavuto ambiliwo

  20. just bcz of tha second lady of america? 11 students were arrested, chanco closed, hostels set on ablaze… vis z nonsense and barbalic mxiew

  21. Why r they setting fire? They have dispensed all students and later setting fire to their hostels and the council will be on the neck of students to pay for renovations

  22. These fucked up police officers should be taught a lesson like their American counterparts. Stupidity seems to be their only qualification!