Children dropped out of School to marry in Chikwawa


It has been established that forced early marriages and teenage pregnancies are still on the increase in Chikwawa and are leading to high school dropout rates in the district.

According to a Mtuwe pa bwalo committee introduced by Sustainable Rural Growth and Development Initiative (SRGDI) in the area, over 150 girls in the district left school for marriage last year.

Malawi Primary school

Girls leaving school for marriage.(Library)

The committee also found that out of 100 women in Chikhwawa, 60 of them do not know how to write or read representing a 60 percent illiterate rate.

Speaking on the issue, Chikwawa first grade magistrate Smart Maluwasa said early marriages is one of the serious challenges the district is facing.

Maluwasa said the most worrisome thing is that most of the girls in the district are being forced into marriages when they are not mature enough for it which is leading to the increase in number of girls leaving school while they are young.

The magistrate also said parents in the district are still unaware of how important education is to a girl child.

He therefore appealed to government, concerned organizations and individuals to consider sensitization campaigns on the importance of education to a girl child so that the malpractice should come to an end before things get worse.

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